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Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “11 Words We Learned on the Wienermobile”

Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “11 Words We Learned on the Wienermobile”

11 Words We Learned on the Wienermobile

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 04:36 AM PDT


If there's one thing Oscar Mayer excels in, it's making people smile — and double entendres. The company drives six 11-foot-tall hot dogs across the country, how could you not wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener?

Each year, 10,000 college graduates apply for 12 "Hotdogger" positions, which sends two people per Wienermobile as year-long ambassadors for the brand. In order to man the wiener wheel, you have to lock in 40 hours of specialized driving school, and attend Hot Dog High. There is a hot dog high school, people. How could anyone even care about High School Musical?

SEE ALSO: This May Be the Coolest Hot Dog Vendor of All Time Read more...

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Baby Cry Analyzer Tool May Help Identify Health Issues

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 04:33 AM PDT


A crying baby is generally thought to mean hunger, sleepiness or a please-change-my-dirty-diaper request. But now researchers at Brown University say a baby's cry could be a "window into the brain" of a child, unveiling developmental disorders or neurological issues.

Researchers from Brown University and the Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island created a computer-based tool that can analyze the acoustics of crying, the university said in a news release. Using recorded babies' cries, the tool breaks a recording into 12.5-millisecond frames, analyzing each frame for things like volume, voicing and frequency characteristics. After further processing of the utterances, doctors then have 80 different parameters, which could help shed light on a baby's health. Read more...

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10 TMI Parent Moments on Facebook

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 04:11 AM PDT


No people, we do not need to know the details of your child's potty training tribulations.

Today, parents are still trying to figure out the enigma that is Facebook. They have finally mastered some of the basics, such as creating profiles, logging in and liking posts. But there is a danger that lurks: the parent that is incapable of using good judgment and shares a little too much information on the social network.

From spit up statuses to comments about potty time , there are plenty of cringeworthy moments throughout your Facebook feed. Read more...

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11 Musical Vine Videos That'll Get Stuck in Your Head

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 03:04 AM PDT


Leave the seven-minute power ballads to Celine Dion and Meatloaf — true musical genius can be spotted in mere seconds

Vine users know this, and they're showcasing their musical talents through song and dance for the Internet to see. We've compiled 11 examples for you to enjoy, ranging from amazing vocal stylings to the skilled use of instruments

How are these Vine musicians doing? If you feel like letting out your inner Simon Cowell (or if you feel a Glee moment coming on), post your own in the comments below Read more...

1. A Jazzy Loop to Keep You Humming

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Injured Kitten Wears Mushroom Costume as Treatment

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 02:28 AM PDT


Say meow-llo to Wasabi-chan, a tiny kitten that recovered from an injury in the cutest way possible.

The furry fighter survived a crow attack on June 2 and was rescued by a passerby who brought the injured kitty to an animal hospital. Wasabi-chan's injuries included a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. She required a catheter for feedings, but as energetic kittens will do, Wasabi-chan wiggled the tube out of her mouth.

To prevent her from removing the feeding tube, Wasabi-chan's rescuer outfitted her in crocheted costumes (or a "Purrito," as one Redditor described it) that limited her movement. Not only did the getups look crazy adorable, they also helped Wasabi-chan get the nutrition she needed to heal. Read more...

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10 Mom Blogs Full of Inspiring Advice

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 01:55 AM PDT


mom-bloggers.1920x2098Mommy bloggers reside in a very special corner of the Internet. Comprised of many stay-at-home moms, this blog genre focuses on product reviews, personal narratives, DIY tips and life-hacks to make daily life easier.

The list below selects some of the top mom bloggers today, in no particular order. They offer support, inspiration and tips that resemble a well-curated a Pinterest board

1I Am Not the Babysitter

In I Am not the Babysitter, Jamie Lynne Grumet writes about her experience as a mother of two sons, one biological, the other adopted from Ethiopia. "I am chronically mistaken for the babysitter of my children. Ironically, our babysitter is always mistaken for my kids’ mom — even when I’m there!" she writes Read more...

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Dogs vs. Interns: Which Species Is Most Athletic?

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 01:42 AM PDT


Dogs are way more athletic than humans. If you put Usain Bolt — the world's fastest man — up against a greyhound dog in a 200 meter dash, there's no way the Olympic champion could pull out a victory.

When Purina Pro Plan brought some of its most skilled dogs into town to plug its pet training app P5, we wanted to see how our eager interns — looking to make a good impression, of course — could fare against a few pups. From an obstacle course challenge to a good old fashioned race, check out the video above to see what went down.

We promise you'll smile, and no, this wasn't in the intern job description. Read more...

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Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes Fight Monsters in 'Seventh Son' Trailer

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 01:11 AM PDT


A new trailer for "Seventh Son," a fantasy film starring Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore, has been released for your viewing pleasure

In the movie, Jeff Bridges plays John Gregory, a Spook — a warden who fends off dark forces. He takes Tom Ward (played by Ben Barnes of "Chronicles of Narnia" fame) under his tutelage, teaching him to find dark magic

The villain in the movie is a witch called Mother Malkin, played by a menacing Julianne Moore, which escapes imprisonment and takes every chance to send evil minions at Gregory and Ward

The movie is based on fantasy novel series "The Wardstone Chronicles," and though its release is quite far off — January 17, 2014 — it already received some heat from fans who don't appreciate adult Barnes playing Ward, which is 14 years old in the book Read more...

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Hand Tree Personal Air Purifier Helps You Breathe Easier

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 12:39 AM PDT


As our world becomes more polluted, design students entering the Electrolux Design Lab competition are sprinting toward a solution. Here's one idea called the Hand Tree, a wristband that works as a personal air purifier that cleans the air around you, and perhaps across our entire planet.

The Hand Tree design concept was created by Alexandr Kostin of the Russian Federation. It's an anti-pollution bracelet that works like a plant, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. At the same time, it removes dust, harmful gases, smoke and contaminants from the air, and can even accommodate a fragrance pack Read more...

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LG's 65-Inch 4K TV Costs $7,999 in the U.S.

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 11:44 PM PDT


LG has launched a 55- and a 65-inch 4K TV set in the U.S., priced at $6,999 and $7,999, respectively

Both devices belong to LG's LA9700 series and come with Ultra High Definition resolution, meaning 3840 x 2160 pixels, or 8.3 million pixels per frame

Other features of note are a 178 degree viewing angle, NANO FULL LED backlighting technology and a 4.1-channel surround system with a front-facing speaker bar that can be hidden from view if necessary.

While the prices for these two may sound steep to most of us, just remember that LG also has an 84-inch 4K TV in its roster, but that one goes for a whopping $19,999 Read more...

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Apple Store Being Built Above 15th-Century Spanish Ruins

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 11:09 PM PDT


Madrid's new Apple store won't just be harboring your run-of-the-mill iPhones and iPads in its basement. According to The Verge, the store is being built right on top of 15th century hospital ruins.

While constructing the basement of the store, workers discovered walls belonging to the foundations of an old hospital. According to El País, the walls belonged to the Buen Suceso hospital, which was located next to a church of the same name. Both buildings were then demolished in 1854.

The church ruins, which were discovered in 2009 while building a light rail station, were put on display and now sit under a glass mezzanine in the station. The hospital ruins, however, won't receive the same treatment. Read more...

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MLB Star Roasts Commentator Who Blamed Him for Horrific Injury

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 10:37 PM PDT


MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy suffered a horrific injury last season when he was nailed in the head with a line drive

McCarthy somehow avoided longterm major damage and is back playing this season, but an MLB Network commentator brought the scary moment up again on Wednesday in decidedly indelicate fashion

We'll let @HeardOnMLBT, a Twitter account poking fun at the often inane things said on MLB Network, take it from here:

"If you don't pitch in, this is what's gonna happen." - Mitch Williams, during a clip of @BMcCarthy32's injury last year.

— Heard on MLB Tonight (@HeardOnMLBT) July 11, 2013 Read more...

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Project Harnesses Artistic Potential of Email

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 08:42 PM PDT


Despite concerns around privacy and data security and the NSA, we remain curiosity about the content of other people's emails. Email has become the cultural touchstone that letter writing once was, and although snooping through other peoples' sent emails is frowned upon, it can be illuminating

When biographers write about the greats of today, they won't be reading their handwritten correspondences but emails that others have received from them. Whether they're serious or romantic in tone, friendly or businesslike in purpose, emails can contain wisdom.

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Facebook Facelift Craze Makes for Pricey Profile Pictures

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 08:06 PM PDT


That Facebook profile picture is crucial. At the very least, it's your image, a semi-public glimpse into who you are. It can also be a branding tool or a peek at what potential employers can expect. And of course, as the first Facebook iteration had it, the profile picture can serve as a subjective indicator: hot or not.

For some (or arguably all) of the above reasons, keeping up appearances is a social media consideration. Obviously, you choose how you represent yourself. And perhaps for that very reason, profile pictures on the free social network are getting more complicated — and much pricier — in India. Read more...

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Sharknado Takes Twitter by Storm

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 07:21 PM PDT


In what surely counts as the most laughable premise since Samuel Jackson got tired of all those snakes on his plane, the TV movie Sharknado debuted on the Syfy channel Thursday night. It features pretty much what you'd imagine from that title: a freak weather system sweeping up schools of sharks into a tornado that drowns and devastates Los Angeles.

For folks on Twitter, it was cause for a feeding frenzy. Users of the network tend to like a really ridiculous concept they can sink their teeth into, ironically or otherwiseSharknado delivered. (They also like to get meta by tweeting about how many people are tweeting about something,and Sharknado delivered on that front too.) Read more...

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This Song Banishes Vertical Videos on Smartphones

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 06:43 PM PDT


There are few things more annoying than watching a video filmed vertically on an iPhone. The shot is almost always cropped awkwardly and the black sidebars leave you wanting to see more

Jonathan Mann, a YouTube legend who has written, performed, filmed, and uploaded an original song every day for the past 1,649 days, knows a thing or two about filming. He posted a PSA entitled "Turn Your Phone!" on Tuesday to encourage amateur videographers to turn their phones horizontally while filming

Accompanied by his signature acoustic foot-tapping style, the video follows Mann as he gently corrects people filming vertically as he walks around Brooklyn, New York. He advocates for shooting horizontally because it allows you to capture more in a single shot. He sings, "I wanna see that subway spat / I wanna see that roomba cat / I wanna see your baby laugh / I wanna see that bunny bath" along with the images of poorly filmed videos of said events. Read more...

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Facebook Hashtags Have Marketing Potential, Privacy Issues

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 05:19 PM PDT


When Facebook announced the rollout of its Twitter-like hashtag program last month, it wasn't immediately clear how marketers could take advantage.

Facebook didn't provide much information, except to say that there would be no hashtag-related advertising, at least not yet. Many marketers rushed ahead anyway, eager to try the hashtags out

Colin Sutton, U.S. director of social media at OMD, a media-buying firm that works with brands like PepsiCo, Levi's and GE, estimates that 75% of OMD's clients have already tried hashtags on Facebook. In the UK, 61 of the country's top 100 brands have used Facebook hashtags. Read more...

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'Out of the Furnace' Trailer Shows Christian Bale's Gritty Side

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 04:54 PM PDT


Things get dicey pretty quickly in Out of the Furnace's first official trailer, which was released Thursday by the film's distributor, Relativity.

Shedding the role of the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale returns to the big-screen for a role that still seeks to do good — but with less gadgets and more grit. Bale plays Russell, a Rust Belt blue-collar worker who cares for his terminally ill father

The film follows Russell and his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck), who returns home from active duty in Iraq, but quickly gets snatched up in one of the worst crime rings in the Northeast. As the police fail to crack Rodney's mysterious disappearance, Russell puts his life on the line to seek justice for his brother. Read more...

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The Typewriter Is Back — to Save Privacy

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 04:42 PM PDT


You know how to make sure a government agency — or if you are a government agency, then Wikileaks — won't eventually read everything you type? By dumping your laptop and clacking the keys on something like an old-fashioned Selectric, then hand-delivering the result to your correspondent

That appears to be the rationale behind the Russian government's decision to purchase new typewriter equipment. The country's Federal Guard Agency has placed an order for 486,000 roubles worth of electric typewriters, according to the Russian procurement service website

SEE ALSO: 10 Terrific Tech Accessories That Celebrate the Typewriter Read more...

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Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in Johnnie Walker Ad

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 04:33 PM PDT


Chalk it up to CGI magic

Martial arts legend and action star Bruce Lee died 40 years ago, but whiskey purveyor Johnnie Walker has brought him — or at least his likeness — back to life. Its 90-second "Hail to the Game Changers" ad features Bruce Lee wandering through a Hong Kong hotel, expounding on his philosophy about how to be a game changer

The video was initially shot with lookalike Danny Chan in Hong Kong. Later, that footage was blended with a 3D model of Lee based on interviews, films and photographs with the late star. But every shot of Lee's face was created using CGI, a process that took over nine months, due to the level of detail required Read more...

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Baby's First Year Beautifully Captured One Second at a Time

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 03:42 PM PDT


Baby Indigo entered the world on July 9, 2012. His father, Sam Christopher Cornwell, started the camera rolling on his son's day of birth and continued to capture snippets of footage every day to Indigo's first birthday

Cornwell stitched together the footage, a few seconds at a time, to create a beautiful time-lapse video

In the clip's description on Vimeo, Cornwell says that he hopes his son will eventually appreciate the video. Even if Indigo can't understand it for a few years, you can enjoy watching the little man grow from screaming newborn to waddling 1-year-old. Read more...

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Never Mind the Royal Baby, a Mini Horse Is Giving Birth Live

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 03:34 PM PDT


Unless you're the Royal Baby's number one fan, you probably haven't staked out a spot in London to welcome the future British monarch. Never fear, though, because there is a mini horse giving birth live on YouTube and that's almost as cool.

The mare, named Becca, is pregnant with her sixth foal. The 10-year-old miniature horse has been on labor watch for about a week, thanks to The Pet Collective and Little Hooves. This is mostly for monitoring purposes, but that doesn't mean you can't be amazed by the miracle of life.

SEE ALSO: 11 Baby Animals So Cute You'll Squeeze Your Eyeballs Out

Fun fact: Horses can be pregnant for up to a year, so if you feel like Kate Middleton has been pregnant for an unusually long time, just think about how Becca feels. Read more...

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DefCon Hacker Conference to Feds: 'We Need Some Time Apart'

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 03:24 PM PDT


At last year's DefCon, the world's largest hacker conference, NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander showed up in blue jeans and a tucked-in T-shirt to give the keynote speech, asking hackers to join forces with the NSA

"We can protect the networks and have civil liberties and privacy, and you can help us get there,” he said

The hacker conference and the NSA were on such good terms last year that the spy agency even had a recruitment booth — next to that of the digital rights advocacy group Electronic Frontier FoundationWired's security reporter Kim Zetter went as far as describing the conference as "a lackey for the NSA." Read more...

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11 Minutes of Pure Beatboxing Genius

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 03:19 PM PDT


Using only his voice and a microphone, Australian beatboxer Tom Thum gave a dynamic performance at TEDxSydney in May. His 11-minute act was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week and instantly went viral, accruing more than 1.4 million views in two days

After a fairly straightforward start, Thum puts a unique spin on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," followed by a succession of beats inspired by Aboriginal Australia, India, China, Germany and American jazz.

Thum is a natural on stage: He cracks jokes and impersonates others' voices. In 2005, he won the Beatbox Battle Team World Championship alongside fellow entertainer Joe Turner. Read more...

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Pearl Jam Announces New Album, Debuts 'Mind Your Manners'

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 03:08 PM PDT


YouTube is quickly becoming Pearl Jam's (and Pearl Jam fans') best friend. The band dropped a couple bombs (in video form) on the video-sharing site today when the countdown clock on the band's website hit 00:00:00:00.

With the gaggle of digital goose eggs came word of Pearl Jam's 10th studio album, Lightning Bolt, which will drop via Monkeywrench Records on Oct. 15. Produced by Brendan O’Brien, the new album will mark the group’s first studio album since 2009's Backspacer. The record is available for pre-order on iTunes and Pearl Jam's site — so is an album trailer (below).


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8 Weirdest Pieces of Vintage Royal Baby Merchandise

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 02:57 PM PDT


The Royal Baby hubbub has swag-pushers on overdrive. Expect London store shelves filled with decorative plates, golden thimbles and commemorative scrunchies when Baby Cambridge arrives.

Before Royal Baby enthusiasts stuff their pockets with celebratory goodies, however, they can prepare with vintage merchandise from Prince William's birth. Back in the early 1980s, celebrating a royal birth required tableware and dolls — lots and lots of dolls.

We collected eight of the most bizarre bits of vintage Royal Baby products that make the Royal Wedding refrigerator look totally normal. Read more...

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Xbox's New Lead: 5 Things You Should Know About Julie Larson-Green

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 02:40 PM PDT


Former Windows head Julie Larson-Green now holds the top spot for the Xbox division. The new job comes as part of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's aggressive company restructuring plan, which he announced Thursday morning

Larson-Green fills the void left by Don Mattrick who departed last week to become the CEO of floundering mobile game company Zynga. Mattrick's departure was a bit of a shake up for Microsoft, which is less than six-months away from the release of the next-generation Xbox One console. Ballmer was left in charge of the Xbox division while the company searched for Mattrick's replacement. Read more...

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First-Person Janitor Game Makes You Clean Up Alien Guts

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 02:30 PM PDT


Gamers are used to entering worlds in which they unleash rounds of bullets with reckless abandon, slaughtering everything that crosses their path and leaving trails of blood that would make Quentin Tarantino shield his eyes.

Visceral Cleanup Detail brings this gore to the forefront in an unexpected way: You don't get to make the mess. You have to clean it up.

Video via Youtube, TheRunestorm

In this first-person janitor simulator, players move through a space station after an alien attack kills many and trashes the place. Fortunately for the space station, a hero emerges and single-handedly destroys the alien population. Too bad he didn't clean up after himself, though — armed with a mop and a pair of rubber gloves, it's up to you to clean up the pools of blood and pick up the pieces of meat and bullet casings left behind after said Battle Royale Read more...

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Report: Microsoft Helped the NSA Spy on Hotmail, Skype and Outlook

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 01:54 PM PDT


Microsoft has been collaborating with the National Security Agency for its Internet surveillance program PRISM, according to a new report in The Guardian.

Despite Microsoft's complaints that it can't be more transparent about government requests, the revelations in The Guardian assert that the software company has helped United States intelligence agencies intercept web chats and emails on and Hotmail, as well as Skype phone and video conversations. The report in The Guardian comes from more secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden


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Soccer Player Stretchered Off Field After Major Celebration Fail

Posted: 11 Jul 2013 01:29 PM PDT


Face palm. Doing it wrong. Epic fail. Pick your favorite expression of ridicule — it will apply here

The man above, Maurides Roque Junior — known as Maurides — plays soccer for Brazilian team Sport Club Internacional, and scored the very first goal of his career on Wednesday night, giving his team a 3-1 lead in the Brazilian Cup

There was just one problem with his celebration: While landing an acrobatic backflip, Maurides sprained his right knee and was consequently stretchered off the field (watch above). We're guessing that next time, he'll probably be just a bit more restrained. Nonetheless, his first goal is one sports fans will remember for years Read more...

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