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Mashable: Latest 23 News Updates - including “Sly and Arnie Join Forces in 'Escape Plan' Trailer”

Mashable: Latest 23 News Updates - including “Sly and Arnie Join Forces in 'Escape Plan' Trailer”

Sly and Arnie Join Forces in 'Escape Plan' Trailer

Posted: 01 Jul 2013 04:52 AM PDT


Longing for the days of 80ies action flicks? Your thirst will soon be quenched in the form of "Escape Plan," a prison breakout movie starring none other than Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a prison security expert which somehow ends up in a prison he himself designed. The only way out is to escape, and he's going to need the help of Swan Rottmayer, portrayed by Stallone's old action movie buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though the two actors were among the biggest action movie stars of the 1980ies, they never co-starred in an action movie

Jim Caviezel, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent also appear in the movie, directed by Mikael Håfström, best known for horror flicks such as "Drowning Ghost" and "The Rite." Read more...

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EU Slashes Roaming Prices From July 1, Promises Even Bigger Cuts

Posted: 01 Jul 2013 02:39 AM PDT


The European Union's Roaming Regulation has lowered the prices for mobile roaming within the EU, effective July 1, 2013

The new price caps are as follows: 24 cents per minute for making a call, 7 cents per minute for receiving a call, 8 cents for sending a text message, and 45 cents per MB of data traffic download — a 36% price reduction. The prices do not include VAT, which will be added individually on a per-country basis

The prices have been reduced even more in Croatia, which became a member of the European Union today. For Croats, the cost for data transfer in the EU decreased almost 15 times, while sending an SMS or making a call from an EU country is 10 times cheaper than before Read more...

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10 Gross Food Names to Squash Your Appetite

Posted: 01 Jul 2013 02:02 AM PDT


No matter how delicious a food looks at the grocery store, it's difficult to convince yourself to choose a brand of meat called "Barfy" over, say, any other brand.

Someone needs to inform "Barfy" that nothing quells the appetite quite like food names that remind us of our less glamorous bodily functions. Unfortunately, this brand isn't the only food manufacturer to have taken a serious misstep in marketing its products.

Get your belly ready for 10 gross food names that are ruining otherwise delicious-looking chow.


Image courtesy of Reddit, AAP4716


Image courtesy of Imgur, JessieTime


from my local korean grocery...
Image courtesy of Imgur, DasGL

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Report: Apple Applies for 'iWatch' Trademark in Japan

Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:43 AM PDT


Apple has filed an application for "iWatch" trademark in Japan, Bloomberg reports citing a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office

The name is categorized as being for products such as a handheld computer or a watch

The news comes after a slew of rumors claiming Apple might be working on wearable tech, which would likely include a smartwatch of some sort

Though these rumors were never officially confirmed, Apple itself added fuel to the fire by flashing a watch with a very Apple-y design in one of its latest ads

SEE ALSO: Apple Might Have Flashed an iWatch in Latest Ad

Bloomberg also cites two sources which claim that Apple has assembled a team of about 100 product designers to work on a smartwatch, which would be connected to the iPhone and other iOS devices Read more...

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Satirical PRISM-Inspired Game Lets You 'Play God' With Personal Data

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 10:49 PM PDT


What if you had control over millions of Internet users' personal data? Players of a new game called Data Dealer can experience that first-hand by running their own "Smoogle" and "Tracebook," while collecting and selling user data.

Described on its official site as "PRISM as a game," Data Dealer is a satirical take on the National Security Agency's covert surveillance program.

"Become Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg or even Edward Snowden, as you control the flow of data — and the price tag that comes with it," the site says

Created by Austrian-based developer Cuteacute, the game is a nonprofit project that aims to raise awareness about personal data and digital privacy issues, according to Data Dealer's Kickstarter page. Check out the video, above, for more Read more...

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Groupon Pivots Further From Daily Deals With Upscale Restaurant Reservations

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 09:58 PM PDT


It's a strange position to be in when your core business — the service everyone knows your company for — is exactly the thing you're trying to move away from, but that's the position Groupon finds itself in today.

The daily deal business has proven to be a tough one for companies like Groupon and LivingSocial, as they struggle with slowing user growth and mounting marketing costs. With that in mind, Groupon has shifted its focus away from daily deals by doubling down on promotions that don't expire and edging into mobile payments.

On Monday, Groupon will unveil the next step in this transition away from daily deals: restaurant reservations. Groupon users can now reserve tables at more than 500 upscale restaurants in 10 cities around the U.S. — including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco — at a discount of up to 40% off. The feature is part of Groupon Reserve, the section of Groupon's site that focuses on promotions for luxury dining, activities and goods Read more...

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10 Cool and Geeky Ice Cube Trays

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 09:15 PM PDT


Ordinary ice cubes are just so ... square. We strongly suggest livening things up by adding some geek chic to your beverage of choice with the addition of nerd-tastic, novelty-shaped, frigid H2O

Take a look through our selection of frozen-water-making-equipment in the gallery above. If you've seen a geeky ice cube tray we have not featured, please link us to it in the comments below

Homepage image courtesy of Mustard

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Go Camping Like James Bond With This Crazy Tech Gear

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 08:29 PM PDT


Camping and espionage go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or — scratch that — like peanut butter and something completely unrelated to peanut butter. But with the right tech, you can change that.

Many people choose camping as a means to escape from technology. Not you. You're the person who plans ahead, who always expects the unexpected. You won't buy a watch unless it's also a heart monitor. You don't understand why your friends don't always carry a Swiss Army knife, or why their phones don't also double as a hadron collider. When you're camping out this summer, you want your pack to reflect that. Read more...

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13 Computer Fails From '90s TV

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 08:05 PM PDT


Prepare for a cringe-worthy tech flashback.

Half the fun of watching '90s television shows is laughing at all of the outdated references, from the slang to the unfortunate hair styles. Even more amusing than the giant scrunchies and sunflower hats are the moments of fossilized tech. The computers are humungous and jumping online involves horrible sounds. The internet is something new and exciting to be approached with caution and confusion.

Now the question is how long before we'll be marveling at those outdated MacBooks on vintage episodes of Gossip Girl? Read more...

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RIP: Every Product Ever Axed By Google

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 06:43 PM PDT


On Monday, Google will pull the plug on Google Reader, despite much general online despair about the death of the most popular RSS reader.

While this is definitely the most popular tool Google has put on ice, it's certainly not the first. The company is known for dabbling in all sorts of products, and dropping the ones it didn't feel were well-supported

So if you were ever a fan of Google Wave, Google Labs or maybe even Google Buzz, you're probably a little nostalgic for the services of Google's past

If you want to take the trip down memory lane, check out the infographic below, courtesy of Wordstream. Read more...

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Job Hunting? 160+ Openings at Viacom, CafeMom and More

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 05:34 PM PDT


Unemployed, underemployed or somewhere in between? The Mashable Job Board is here to help with your job hunting.

Since 2005, Mashable has been dedicated to providing the hottest digital, social and tech news to our readership of 20 million and counting. Top companies know you excel in the digital world, so they come to Mashable to find the best and brightest minds. New jobs — including those exclusive to us — are added every day to the Mashable Job Board. Take a look.

Below, we've gathered 10 recently posted marketing positions. Keep coming back to the Mashable Job Board for new openings, and don't forget to read our Job Search Series for advice on how to achieve your dream job. Read more...

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Tarzan and Vine Don't Mix as Well as You'd Expect

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 04:46 PM PDT


Tarzan Comic, Jerry King
Vine, the video-sharing service owned by Twitter, doesn't explicitly prohibit nudity in its terms of service, but it can get inappropriate when all you're looking for is comedy or perfect loops.

In this Sunday comic, we see how some innocent Vine videos of Tarzan could go terribly wrong

Comic written by Larry Lambert; illustrated by Jerry King. Read more...

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New Parent? You'll Need This iOS App

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 03:59 PM PDT


Baby fog: extreme discombobulation caused by lack of sleep when you have a newborn. It's worse than a hangover, but guess what? There's an app for that, Baby Activity Logger, and we have a full video review above

Baby Activity Logger is an iOS app that helps you track of all of your parenting duties (and doodies). It is very useful when you are in the thick of your baby fog. I used it to help track the time between feedings, as well as which side the baby nursed from last — a detail I never knew you could forget quite so easily

You can also track diaper changes, sleep schedules, burps, toots, smiles and more. And, thankfully, the app's interface is simple, so you don't have to learn to use it while you're also learning to be a parent Read more...

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5 Gay Viral Moments Just in Time for Pride

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 03:21 PM PDT


Social media has played a big role in the gay-rights movement.

The It Gets Better Project helps inspire LGBT youth who face bullying or harassment. Many of the initiative's YouTube videos have gone viral, and include submissions ranging from Ellen DeGeneres to Google. What's more, millions of people changed their Facebook and Twitter avatars to a red equal sign to show their support for marriage equality, as the Supreme Court began reviewing DOMA.

But what about those lesser-known events? In honor of Pride celebrations this weekend, we've compiled a list of five gay viral moments that you may not have heard before: Read more...

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2014 Corvette Replica Makes a Kid the Envy of the Neighborhood

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 02:20 PM PDT


You've probably seen those sweet little battery-operated cars kids drive around, probably gussied up like Barbie Jeeps. Now Fisher-Price has gotten serious about its diminutive automotive fleet, creating a sleek replica of the 2014 Corvette Stingray for the benefit of the luckiest kids in the world.


Their parents don't have to be rich to afford this kid-spoiling go-kart — the precious conveyance costs all of $275, and its 12-Volt rechargeable battery is good for 34 minutes of driving hijinks

Just remember to remind the kids — as they turn its steering wheel and accelerate up to 6 mph — to watch where they're going Read more...

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The iblazr Flash Will Light Up Your Mobile Phone Pics

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:56 PM PDT


Modern mobile phones have improved in their picture-taking abilities, but there is still one thing lacking: a good flash for dark shots.

The iblazr mobile phone flash promises to work on both iOS and Android devices to light up the night. This simple flash consists of four powerful LEDs that work with an included camera app to provide more light when shooting both photos and video.

Iblazr Colors

The iblazr connects through the 3.5 mm audio jack standard in just about every smartphone — though it will have some interesting placement on the iPhone 5, where Apple swapped the jack to the bottom of the phone. It looks easily pocketable at only 10mm thick, and includes its own rechargeable battery so it doesn't drain the phone's power. Read more...

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Academic Freedom: Where 'Science' Is Up for Debate

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:07 PM PDT


The first time he testified before a committee of Louisiana legislators, Zack Kopplin was just 17 years old. In November 2010, he stood in front of a semicircle of state senators, all seated behind tables at the front of a cramped room. They were buried in the bowels of the state’s department of education building in Baton Rouge

Kopplin was there to speak against a bill that would ban biology textbooks from Louisiana classrooms — specifically, any that claimed evolution as the only theory for species diversity.

The new legislation followed the Louisiana Science Education Act, which had passed in March, 2008. That act was an “academic freedom” law, the first of its kind to pass in the United States. It allowed teachers to use “supplemental materials” alongside the textbook versions of politicized issues, such as evolution Read more...

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Into the Ether: Where Lost Stuff Goes

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 12:31 PM PDT


Whether it's a sock or an important email, we all lose stuff into the ether — wherever those lost items go, never to return.

In this Sunday comic, Maria Scrivan illustrates the dark abyss of missing belongings, and includes a few things we may not have even realized we lost.

Lost Stuff Comic, Maria ScrivanComic written and illustrated by Maria Scrivan. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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Mark Zuckerberg Appears in San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 11:45 AM PDT


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined 700 of his employees to march in San Francisco's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration on Sunday morning.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook sent about 15% of its workforce — all wearing special t-shirts designed for the event — to march along with a decorated trolley during the parade. While Facebook has participated in previous Pride Parades in San Francisco, this is the first time for Zuckerberg and such a large group to participate.


The parade began at 10:30 a.m. and marched down Market Street Read more...

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These Pics Could Be the Colorful New Entry-Level iPhone

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 11:11 AM PDT


This could be the new low-cost iPhone, encased in plastic instead of metal and adorned with cartoonish colors

So far it's an enigma wrapped in a rumor based on speculation, but there's a bit of evidence behind this alleged leak of the low-cost iPhone.

On Saturday, a picture of a green version of this alleged iPhone surfaced, but now there's an additional leak. In these pics from Chinese site, the green shell has found a couple of friends in yellow and pinkish red, all adorned with an official-looking iPhone logo at the bottom and the iconic Apple logo in its usual position. Read more...

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You're Edward Snowden in This Flash Game

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 10:00 AM PDT


If you've ever wanted the real experience of bringing thousands of NSA files to light, but were afraid of the repercussions, now you can have the Edward Snowden experience virtually.

Snowden's Leaks: The Game allows you to control Edward Snowden, the man now charged with espionage after handing over information about the National Security Agency's data collecting programs to the media

In the game, you must use flash drives (much like the real Snowden did) to steal NSA secrets, while avoiding detection by security cameras, NSA agents and even President Obama. You can move obstacles to block agents, and also hide behind paintings and the American flag to avoid detection. Each level ends when you chuck the flash drives out the window and make your escape. Read more...

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Happy Social Media Day!

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 08:48 AM PDT


Happy Social Media Day from Mashable!

Sunday, June 30, we celebrate the ongoing digital revolution, and the people who make it special: you.

Since launching Social Media Day in 2010, we've watched social media grow and spread. While it was already fueling a worldwide shift in the way we communicate, it now touches nearly every part of our lives.

In the spirit of these technologies that connect us, Social Media Day brings us together — both online and offline.

Around the world, organizers have assembled a variety of events this year, including business networking, educational panels, training sessions and social gatherings. Meetups will take place on six continents — in some instances bringing hundreds or even thousands of people together. Certain places such as the Philippines are even taking the entire weekend to celebrate with a variety of events. Read more...

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Why Everyone Likes Horror Movies

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 08:10 AM PDT


There's something about zombies, killers, terrifying creatures and other imminent danger that is so entertaining — that is, from the safety of being on the other side of the screen.

In this Sunday comic, our friends Nitrozac and Snaggy at The Joy of Tech explain why horror movies are so enjoyable (and another thing that some of us still enjoy for some reason)

Horror Movies Comic, The Joy of Tech
Comic illustration provided by The Joy of Tech. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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4 Tips to Break Into the Music Industry

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 07:08 AM PDT


It's not always easy to follow your dreams, and there are certain industries that pose a greater barrier to entry than others. The music industry is definitely one of those. Whether you have dreams of volunteering your summer at Warped Tour, or you want to represent emerging talent — there are smart steps you can take to enhance your chances of breaking into the competitive music industry.

1. Join a Street Team

Street teaming is a great way to get your foot in the door and make some important connections, especially if you don't have a resume bursting with music-industry experience. As a street team member, you would typically hand out promotional materials such as stickers, posters and CDs to businesses in your market area — including record stores and coffee shops. When you're promoting different artists or shows in your local community, you're forming relationships with others who are interested in music — you're networking without realizing it. There is a low barrier to entry with street teaming — most labels or companies just want to find people who are enthusiastic about the work Read more...

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