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Mashable: Latest 19 News Updates - including “9 Superheroines Who Deserve a Movie”

Mashable: Latest 19 News Updates - including “9 Superheroines Who Deserve a Movie”

9 Superheroines Who Deserve a Movie

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:58 PM PDT


Nothing says success at the box office more than spandex, superhuman powers and a villain to take down. The superhero movie genre has continued to dominate the silver screen, with this summer's Man of Steel and the highly-anticipated Avengers 2 that is slated to come out in 2015. There's a long list of superhero blockbusters: Spider-Man, Thor, Batman Begins and many more. But where are my superheroines at?

Movies like The Hunger Games and Brave have proved that girls can fight just as well as the boys, maybe even better. There's plenty of ladies in the marvelous universe of superheroes and television that deserve their shot at the big screenMashable takes a look at some of these characters: Read more...

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7 'World of Warcraft' Weddings You Won't Believe

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:31 PM PDT


World of Warcraft is known for its dedicated fan base, and we do mean dedicated. That South Park episode parodying how much players invest in the game isn't much of an exaggeration for some people.

Regardless of your addiction level, the game offers a virtual world where you can form complex relationships and alliances with your fellow players. Marriage is just the next step

WoW doesn't have an official system to link two characters or accounts in digital matrimony, but that hasn't stopped some players from getting hitched anyway. In fact, some guilds manage to pull off some pretty swanky events, and just like IRL (in real life, for you non-gamers), the wedding ceremonies usually end with some serious partying Read more...

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7 Apps You Don't Want To Miss

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:03 PM PDT


It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released every week. But you're in luck — Mashable takes care of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps.

This week, we found an app that grants you free admission to 23 of the nation's greatest zoos and museums, and another that helps you take fantastic pictures of your adventure after you arrive.

Disney released a role-playing game for its latest blockbuster, and two popular video apps saw significant updates.

Check out the gallery, above, for a look at this week's highlights. Read more...

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10 Wonderfully Geeky Wedding Invitations

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 06:26 PM PDT


Are you looking to add a little geek chic to your wedding day? Then start off right with a custom-made geeky design for your invitations

We've found 10 great examples of wedding invitations and "save the date" cards that will inform your guests about your big day — in the nerdiest ways possible.

Take a look through our selections in the gallery above. If you've seen any similarly-themed creations we haven't featured, share the links with us in the comments below.

Homepage image courtesy Etsy, sthblue

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3 Startup Hiring Lessons from 'Duck Dynasty'

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 06:04 PM PDT


Duck Dynasty, a reality show on A&E, might seem like an odd place to acquire tips to hire a great startup team. The reality program focuses on the backwater Robertson clan as they juggle a multi-million dollar duck-call-making business with their own natural inclination to just spend all day hunting

Last season, the finale of Duck Dynasty drew 9.6 million viewers, putting it on the charts as the third most-watched show on television — even the broadcast networks. More impressively, in viewers ages 18 to 49, the little reality show could beat out Fox’s American Idol

The Robertsons have arrived in a major way

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15 of the Weirdest Educational Videos on YouTube

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 05:29 PM PDT


Producers of educational videos and public-service announcements have been trying to teach kids to look both ways and stay away from strangers for decades. But between teaching children (and adults) the importance of good manners and public safety, they've offered some less-than-positive messages

Now we can look back, laughing and cringing, at the fossilized bits of sexism, homophobia, and simple terrible science immortalized on Youtube. And possibly develop a strange fear of trains.

1. Duck and Cover

In this video obviously written by Mad-Eye Moody we learn the best defense against nuclear radiation is always your own hands and a newspaper. Read more...

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15 Outrageously Funny Group Face Swaps

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 04:59 PM PDT


If you've been on the Internet lately, you're probably familiar with the amazing world of face swaps. Seeing your face copied and pasted onto another body is equally amusing and disturbing. Imagine the terrifying hilarity of a group face swap, where a single face is plastered across a photo of 20 people

Charming, huh? Well, that's debatable.

With these Photoshop creations, the duplicate face is zoomed in on various levels. The last picture is typically the final product and boy, it's gloriously frightening

So, here are 15 of the best group face swaps we've encountered on the web. We also included a few trolls. Can you figure out which ones they are? Read more...

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12 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Tech

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 04:43 PM PDT


Somewhere in the depths of the attic, everyone still stores a giant, cube-shaped computer monitor from the '90s. If you have one, don't kick it to the curb just yet. There are many things you can still do with your old tech relics, such as modifying them to sound like Thom Yorke.

There are endless ways to upcycle old technology, whether that's repurposing and retrofitting it for modern use or just for a crazy DIY project.

Here are some other projects that breathe new life into outdated technology. The list includes simple ideas, like making floppy disks into USB storage units, to more complex projects for dedicated hackers, such as making a MIDI device out of a toy piano. Read more...

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'Drone It Yourself' Lets You Create a Drone from Any Object

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:59 PM PDT


Have you ever wished for a flying book? A flying keyboard? Or, perhaps, a flying bodyboard? Well, it's your lucky day, because thanks to "Drone It Yourself," you can turn pretty much any object into a quadrocopter

The drone kit, created by Dutch independent designer Jasper Van Loenen, is comprised of pieces that can be 3D printed, and then clamped to any object you so desire. All that's needed are the control unit and four propellers, and then you can make virtually anything airborne.

On his website, Van Loenen points out that the parts can be custom-designed, and that other DIY enthusiasts can modify them to make new add-ons for the quadrocopter drone Read more...

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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Was Almost on Crashed Plane

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:23 PM PDT


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, said she was supposed to be on the plane that crash-landed in San Francisco on Saturday.

After Flight 214, a Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines flying from Seoul, South Korea, crashed at the San Francisco International Airport, Sandberg posted a series of public status updates on her Facebook profile that said she and her family were nearly on the flight.

"My family, colleagues Debbie Frost, Charlton Gholson and Kelly Hoffman and I were originally going to take the Asiana flight that just crash-landed," she wrote. "We switched to United so we could use miles for my family's tickets." Read more...

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FlightAware Shows Path of Crashing Plane

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:00 PM PDT


As the world struggles to find out more information about the San Francisco crash landing, Twitter user Steve Baker used flight tracking website FlightAware to compare yesterday's Asiana Airlines Flight 214 (AAR 214) to today's ill-fated flight.

Here's his Tweet:

FlightAware data for AAR 214. Yesterday (safe) vs. today (crash). Much steeper descent today#asiana #sfocrash #SFO

— Steve Baker (@sbaker) July 6, 2013

Look at an enlargement of the two descent paths (the part of the graphic that looks like a solid black wall):


Compare the two flight paths, and you'll notice Friday's glide slope was much smoother than today's. Saturday's flight path suddenly veered downward just before the tail section of the plane hit the rocks on the shore at the end of the runway Read more...

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25 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 02:18 PM PDT


We know you were really busy getting patriotic tattoos and planning the perfect 4th of July barbecue, so don't worry if you fell behind on your tech news — we've got you covered.

Here at Mashable, we've rounded up 25 digital media resources to keep you tech-savvy, like security settings to protect your privacy and the best times to use your GoPro camera

Editor's Picks

  • Can Gondolas Fix Urban Transportation Woes?
    Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly — could urban gondolas be the next big step in relieving record-breaking levels of urban traffic?

  • This Is the Future of Book Marketing
    A Croatian author experiments with a new storytelling method. His tools: a fictional Twitter account, a movie-like trailer and a virtual Minecraft city Read more...

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    Contributions to the Digital Bill of Rights and Other Top Comments

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 01:56 PM PDT


    With the recent news about Edward Snowden and the NSA snooping, we've come to realize that the government has access to an unsettling amount of our online data. So Mashable, with the help of our community, created a first draft of the Digital Bill of Rights to claim certain digital freedoms and protections for Internet users

    Readers contributed their ideas by commenting directly on the collaborative Google Doc, which was modified according to the feedback. The Digital Bill of Rights initiative sparked active discussions about web cache, privacy rights of the deceased, social media and more.

    SEE ALSO: Is It the Dawn of the Encryption App? Read more...

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    Plane Crashes While Landing at San Francisco Airport

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 12:51 PM PDT


    A plane has crashed while landing in San Francisco, according to multiple news reports.

    Details of the crash are still unknown, but the Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed to CNN that a Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines flying from Seoul, South Korea, crashed around 2:30 p.m. EDT on Saturday on the runway of the San Francisco International Airport

    UPDATE, 4:28 p.m. EDT: According to KTVU, a fire department source says two passengers died in the crash. It's unclear if there are more victims and we'll update the story as we find out more.


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    Is This Really the Budget iPhone?

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 11:54 AM PDT


    There have been rumors of a "budget iPhone" floating around for a whileTechdy blog now has a hands-on with what it claims is the fabled entry-level iPhone

    Based on the pictures on the site, the device has an entirely plastic case, much like some rumors have suggested


    Echoing another rumor, Techdy claims it resembles the original iPod. The pictures detail the casing and compare it to the iPhone 5.


    The end of the sleek video below has a pitch for two Android phones based on the budget iPhone that the company is selling

    While there is no official word from Apple, this is the closest we've come to getting a glimpse at the much-talked-about budget iPhone. Read more...

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    How Spending the Workday on Facebook Gets You Promoted

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 11:03 AM PDT



    A 2013 study found that Americans spend an average of 16 minutes of every hour on forums and social networking sites such as Facebook and Reddit

    But is that wasting time? Absolutely not. Especially if there's someone in China picking up the slack

    In this comic, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies proves that everyone who spends the workday stalking exes on Facebook can still weasel their way into a promotion with a corner office

    Comic illustration by Krishna Sadasivam, PC Weenies. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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    Instagram for iOS Now Lets You Shoot in Landscape Mode

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 10:15 AM PDT


    Instagram updated its iOS app, letting users shoot pictures and videos in landscape mode. It also fixes a minor bug that was an issue since Instagram video launched in June

    The app's new version 4.0.2 is already available in the App Store

    The update makes it more comfortable to shoot holding the iPhone horizontally, although the format of the resulting videos and pictures will still be square. Initially, when Instagram video launched, videos shot while holding the iPhone horizontally would not get flipped automatically by the app Read more...

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    Watch This Baby Laugh Hysterically At a Power Drill

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 09:27 AM PDT


    What does it take to make a baby laugh?

    Heavy-duty tools, by the looks of baby Aubrey laughing hysterically at the sound of a power drill.

    Little girls being excited about machine tools certainly pokes a hole in some gender stereotypes

    BONUS: 10 Infectious YouTube Clips of Babies Laughing at Dogs

    Image Courtesy YouTube/CraZCatLady

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    Top 10 Tech This Week

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 08:12 AM PDT


    The world of tech is always fascinating and magical, and this week was no exception. If you're looking for a roundup of the best and brightest tech news of the week, you've come to the right place: It's time for Top 10 Tech

    Google just launched its first web browser on Glass. And continuing on the magical tech vein, you can now see Diagon Alley from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series in Street View

    SEE ALSO: Previous editions of Top 10 Tech This Week

    The rumors of Apple's iWatch might actually be true with reports from Bloomberg indicating that Apple filed a patent this week

    If you can't wait though, the Pebble watch goes on sale tomorrow in Best Buy Read more...

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    20 Superlatives for Twitter Celebrities

    Posted: 06 Jul 2013 07:13 AM PDT


    Twitter is a lot like high school: The popular kids have millions of followers, trends constantly change, and there's tons of drama. What if Twitter celebrities were awarded superlatives like you see in high-school yearbooks?

    We rounded up 20 famous tweeters and awarded each one a title based on their Twitter style. Check out our choices below.

    1. Most Photogenic: Anthony Weiner

    Next mayor will have a tougher time winning local control of pensions, tax policy and just about everything else.

    — Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) June 6, 2013

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