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Mashable: Latest 22 News Updates - including “Asus VivoMouse Is a Mouse With a Multi-Touch Trackpad”

Mashable: Latest 22 News Updates - including “Asus VivoMouse Is a Mouse With a Multi-Touch Trackpad”

Asus VivoMouse Is a Mouse With a Multi-Touch Trackpad

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 03:33 AM PDT


Asus has launched the VivoMouse, a wireless mouse which doubles as a multi-touch trackpad — the first of its kind, claims Asus

The futuristic-looking device is not the first to try to reinvent the mouse, but it also functions as a wireless remote, making it quite a versatile little thing. The circular trackpad supports Windows 8 multi-touch gestures such as pinch to zoom, rotate and Start menu toggle

All these characteristics make it especially good for one-handed control when you're away from the computer, Asus says. If you're looking for a device to control your living room media PC, the VivoMouse might turn out to be a good choice. Read more...

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When to Use the 5 iOS Apps You Never Use

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 03:02 AM PDT


Some apps just don't get the love they deserve. Whether they're native programs that came installed on your phone or an early purchase that seemed like a good idea, these apps are like guests that overstay their welcome.

But they don't have to beApple is notorious for pre-programmed apps and rigid barriers against customization. So how can you get the most out of your iPhone while working within its parameters? Specifically, how can you use the apps ... that seem unusable? We've selected five such apps that can still serve a function.

Are there any apps you never use but haven't deleted? Tell us about them in the comments. Read more...

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A Tweet Decided a Major Plot Point in This Film

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 12:37 AM PDT


Robert Rodriguez, known for directing From Dusk till Dawn and Sin City, crowdsourced parts of his new short film, including one scene in which a Twitter user's 137-character tweet influenced a major plot point

To complete the film titled Two Scoops, Rodriguez challenged his fans to help cast the "agent" character, suggest a weapon, design a villainous monster and submit photos of themselves that were used as missing people posters.

Rodriguez used this fan's "electrified yo-yo" idea to create the film's final weapon:

@rodriguezweapon throws an electrified Yo-Yo, gives an electrical discharge, then returns to the weapon to be charged again! #keepmoving

— Musike Di Diable (@musikedidiable) April 5, 2013

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Acer Launches 8.1-Inch Windows Tablet, 5.7-Inch Android Smartphone

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 11:32 PM PDT


Acer is on fire at Computex: the company launched a plethora of new devices, including the Iconia W3, an 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet, and the Liquid S1, a 5.7-inch Android smartphone

The Acer Iconia W3 sports an 8.1-inch LED-backlit display with a 1280x800 resolution, an Intel Atom Z2760 processor, front and rear 2-megapixel cameras and 32GB or 64GB of memory, further expandable via microSD memory cards.

Other specifications of note are the built-in micro-HDMI port and an 8-hour battery

It's the first Windows 8 tablet of that size, and it comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office, making it a good choice for students, Acer claims Read more...

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Man Proposes to Girlfriend Through Google Glass

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 09:59 PM PDT


We've seen high-tech marriage proposals before — including one via Vine and another using a drone — but this proposal may be the first-ever through Google Glass.

The brief 26-second video, entitled "She said yes #throughglass," shows Breon Nagy proposing to his girlfriend at Leeds Castle in Kent, England

"If you were my queen, I'd buy you a million castles. Let's start our adventure together. Will you marry me?" Nagy says, as he presents his girlfriend with a ring.

Watch his entire romantic proposal in the video, above.

Would you propose through Glass? Tell us in the comments

Screenshot image courtesy of YouTube, Breon Nagy

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Viral Video Recap: Must-Watch Memes of the Week

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 09:32 PM PDT


As your weekend winds down, there's nothing better than to kick back, relax and enjoy our Viral Video Recap.

This week's selection features a wicked pick-off play, a suggestion for how Iron Man 3 should have ended and an epic troll courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson. Of course, our roundup wouldn't be complete without the requisite cat video.

Oh, and there's also this. Enjoy.

Which viral video is your favorite? Tell us in the comments, below

Screenshot image courtesy of YouTube, Ethan Nudd

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Yahoo Shutting Down Mail Classic, Forces Users to Upgrade

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 08:57 PM PDT


Yahoo is discontinuing older versions of its email client — including Mail Classic — starting this week, the company announced.

"Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available," it said in a Yahoo! Help post.

After Monday, users can only access their Yahoo email accounts if they upgrade to the new version. The company said users should have received an email informing them of the mandatory upgrade.

Getting the new version of Yahoo Mail means that users accept its Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which includes "the acceptance of automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection," the post said Read more...

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5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 07:59 PM PDT


Designing for mobile has evolved dramatically. Users now expect fast, immersive mobile experiences, and catering to this is increasingly difficult

When Luke Wroblewski introduced the concept of Mobile First more than four years ago, it radically changed how we approach design. According to him, the reason was threefold:

It was clear mobile use was going to take over; designing for mobile pushed you to better and simpler designs because of constraints like small screens and slow networks; and last but not least, mobile devices had capabilities like multi-touch and location detection that allowed you to create new kinds of experiences. Read more...

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Early Social Networking Was Smokin'

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 07:01 PM PDT


Early Social Networking, Maria Scrivan

Humans had a difficult time tweeting, pinning and liking before the invention of the Internet. And poking? Ouch.

In this Sunday Comic, Maria Scrivan offers look back at early social networking. Forget trying to condense your thoughts into 140 characters — finding enough things to burn to make sure everyone knows about your crappy commute or breakfast food is really hard.

Comic written and illustrated by Maria Scrivan. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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Social Media Wars Told in 'Game of Thrones' Style

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 06:06 PM PDT


Time and time again, social networks put up their defenses to ward off competition from opposing social platforms. Some of those online battles are detailed in this Game of Thrones-themed infographic from social-media management tool HootSuite, which turned Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest into GOT houses.

Homepage image and infographic courtesy of Hootsuite

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8 Over-the-Top Baby Gadgets

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 05:01 PM PDT


Expectant parents are inundated with list upon list of baby product "essentials." While some subscribe to the less-is-more theory, opting to stick with the basics (i.e. food, clothing, diapers, crib), others snatch up everything possible. Think: baby-wipes warmer, bottle warmer, the newest model diaper disposal and more

Every parent needs certain essentials for baby care and comfort, but it’s safe to say the eight superfluous gadgets featured in our gallery, above, definitely do not fit that category. Check them out; then tell us whether you'd use them in the comments. Read more...

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Hands-On With The Week's Top Apps

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 04:02 PM PDT


There were a lot of interesting app releases this week.

Dots, the highly addictive iOS game that's been stealing hours away from Mashable employees for weeks, finally launched an iPad version, and added new multiplayer functionality.

Google Calendar brought a much-needed update to Android, and Qualcomm released an app to help Android users get the most out of their batteries.

Curious about what all these apps look like?

Check out the hands-on video, above, featuring our favorite apps from this past week.

Did you find a new app that didn't make the list? Be sure to tell us about your favorites in the comments Read more...

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Report: Apple Close to Launching iRadio Streaming Service

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 02:11 PM PDT


In the days leading up to Apple's big Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company has reportedly reached a key licensing deal for its rumored Internet radio service, iRadio.

CNET is reporting Apple has finalized negotiations with Warner Music Group and its publishing arm, Warner/Chappell Music. The news comes one month after the company reached another deal with Universal Music. Talks are still underway with Sony, according to the report

The New York Times also said iRadio is nearing its launch date.

iRadio is expected to be an Internet music streaming service similar to Pandora, with both a free service supported by advertising and a paid service without ads. Apple has worked on the concept since last summer, but has had challenges dealing with music labels and publishers over licensing fees. Read more...

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Pocket Tripod for iPhone Fits in Your Wallet

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 01:52 PM PDT


Here's one of those clever accessories you didn't know you needed until you saw it. The Pocket Tripod lets you prop up your iPhone 5, 4 or 4S at any angle. At 2.3 mm, it's as thin as a couple of credit cards stacked on top of each other, easily fitting into your wallet.

The Pocket Tripod is easy to assemble, and it lets you position your iPhone vertically or horizontally. As you can see in the video, it's a stable platform, even at severe angles

Another cool aspect of this product is the way its prototype's six pieces were manufactured, using a 3D printer. But its makers say that it'll be mass-produced using the traditional injection-molding process Read more...

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Why It's Terrible to Be a 21st-Century Kid

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 12:43 PM PDT


Romeo (of Romeo and Juliet) once asked, "What's in a name?"

Everything, buddy. Simply everything. A child's name sets the tone for her entire life — if she'll be a rockstar or a scientist, an athlete or a farmer. Unfortunately, children born during the digital age have parents who have been a little too influenced by Internet culture.

In this Sunday comic, our friends Nitrozac and Snaggy at The Joy of Tech show us why plugged-in parents should really stick to basics like "Matt" and "Mary" when it comes to naming kids

Kid Named LOL Comic, The Joy of Tech
Comic illustration provided by The Joy of Tech. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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Facebook Cover Photos: 15 Cinematic Themes You'll Recognize

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 11:37 AM PDT


Matt from Indianapolis has been creating fantastic Facebook cover photos since May 2012. From Star Wars to Scooby-Doo, he has appeared in a ton of fun profile-picture "cameos."

Take a look through our showcase of amusing cover-photo creations in the gallery, above. Want to appear in a future Mashable Facebook cover-photo gallery? Link us to your fabulous timeline creations in the comments, below, and you could star in a forthcoming feature....

Images courtesy of Matt

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Readers Doubt Apple's Future, and Other Top Comments

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 11:20 AM PDT


Has Apple lost its cool? Our readers seem to think so

In the top comments above, we've highlighted our readers' reactions to Tim Cook's recent interview at the annual All Things D D11 conference. During the interview, Cook announced that Apple still had "several more game changers" planned for release; however, the majority of commenters expressed doubt in Cook's vague promise, with many citing Google as the leading company in innovation.

SEE ALSO: Watch the Full Interview With Tim Cook at AllThingsD

Readers also reacted strongly to Facebook's newest feature: verified pages. Our commenters were quick to point out that Facebook was much later than most other social media networks, but most were still happy to hear the news Read more...

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Job Site Wants Only Beautiful Candidates

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 10:32 AM PDT

Feed-twFeed-fb — the controversial online dating site that allows only attractive people to join — is expanding its service on Monday for employers

The company told Mashable it is readying a recruitment feature for employers wanting to hire "good-looking staff." The free service would give individuals and companies access to its 750,000 member base of "attractive" people. Only those who are voted to be beautiful by others on the site are allowed to stick around

Employers will have a dedicated business profile and be able to pursue other members who are looking for a job. Members will also be able to look through job listings and apply directly to companies. Read more...

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Urine Trouble With This Two-Factor Authentication

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 10:00 AM PDT


Two-Factor Comic, Jerry King
Online security is a serious issue. Protecting yourself from cyber criminals requires diligence and making sure you have proper safeguards in place.

In this Sunday Comic, we see that some websites might be taking this whole web protection thing a little too far.

Comic written by Larry Lambert; illustrated by Jerry King. Read more...

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I 3D Printed a Gun

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 09:06 AM PDT


In early May, Cody Wilson, the world's most famous digital gunsmith, fired the first entirely 3D-printed handgun, the Liberator, and posted its blueprints online. The idea was to give anyone with an Internet connection, a computer, and a 3D printer the chance to do the same.

It sounded simple enough: you download, you print, you fire. Still, questions remained. How easy is it to actually replicate what Wilson did? How expensive? Can someone pull it off with a cheaper 3D printer?

On May 19, Mashable traveled to Baltimore, Md., to see one of the first Liberator handguns printed in the wild, based on the files Wilson uploaded to his online weapons' designs repository, DefCad Read more...

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Heineken Drops Poor Guy Into the Alaskan Tundra for Some Reason

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 09:00 AM PDT


All Rikar wanted to do was go somewhere with a warm climate, "not too much clothes, please." So why did he actually wind up on top of a snowy mountain in Alaska?

Presumably it's because the people at Heineken have a sense of humor — and perhaps a bit of a cruel streak. Either way, the brewer has set up a possibly gripping narrative with Dropped, a new ad campaign/branded entertainment program. All we know so far is that Rikar is not that happy about where he is and that Heineken has planted a red telephone booth that will probably further the story

Dropped is the fifth installment of the brand's Legends global marketing push, which began in December 2010. Not a traditional ad campaign per se, Legends follows resourceful, worldly 18-34 year-old men as they navigate through the world. The latest such fellow, Rikar, appears to be in a tough spot Read more...

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Olloclip iPhone Lens and Case Is a Winning Dad’s Day Gift

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 08:15 AM PDT


One of my favorite little gadgets is the Olloclip 3-in-One Photo Lens for my iPhone 4. The tiny device slips right onto the corner of any iPhone 4 or 4s, and offers a fisheye, macro or wide-angle lens that transforms my iPhone's workaday optics into a versatile, pro-image-capturing wonder. However, I had two major problems with it: 1) It can't fit over an iPhone case and 2) the original clip does not fit snugly on a the slimmer iPhone 5 I'd been testing.

Olloclip has now solved all these problems in splendid fashion. First of all, there’s the new Olloclip lens for iPhone 5 ($69.99). It works exactly like my original Olloclip 3-in-One. Secondly, Olloclip now makes the Olloclip Quick-Flip Case for iPhone 5 (and 4 and 4s). Read more...

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This Simple Action Will Dramatically Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Posted: 02 Jun 2013 07:07 AM PDT


If you’re on LinkedIn, you want to grow your network. You want to connect with as many people as you can, because there’s some serious career-boosting power in those connections

But there’s something you’re probably not doing, at least not on a regular basis — and it’s a move that will give you a far better bang for your networking buck

Write a Personal Message

Most people don’t do this. Think about how many requests land in your inbox without a note — the majority of them, right?

And what about you? Do you add a personal note every single time you request to connect with someone on the network? Or do you hope that potential connection will recognize your name or connect on faith alone? Read more...

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