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Mashable: Latest 24 News Updates - including “How Facebook Updates Would Look in Real Life”

Mashable: Latest 24 News Updates - including “How Facebook Updates Would Look in Real Life”

How Facebook Updates Would Look in Real Life

Posted: 11 May 2013 09:25 PM PDT


What would Facebook updates look like in real life? According to the video, above, it would involve an annoying person surprising you with changes made to your home — without your knowledge or consent.

Many users of the social-network giant can likely relate to the video's frustrated protagonist, as Facebook is often criticized for automatically resetting privacy settings and sharing personal information with third-party apps

Check out the hilarious video, above; then tell us what you think in the comments, below

Image courtesy of YouTube, ExtremelyDecentFilms

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'Man of Steel' Unveils New Video Spots and Posters

Posted: 11 May 2013 08:51 PM PDT


New video spots and posters for Man of Steel, Warner Bros.' reboot of the Superman film series, have surfaced online

The 40-second promo, above, features Superman (played by Henry Cavill), his father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in various dramatic scenes from the movie, while Jor-El speaks — apparently giving advice to his son — in a voiceover

Entitled "Soldier of Steel," the following spot is actually an ad for the National Guard, and splices Man of Steel clips with footage of citizen soldiers with the reserve military force. The minute-long video says that there is a parallel between Superman and members of the National Guard Read more...

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Online 'Driver's Ed' Course Preps Kids for the Social Web

Posted: 11 May 2013 07:56 PM PDT


The pitfalls for teens who are encountering the social web for the first time are myriad and well-documented. The issue is underscored by this public-service announcement from a Vancouver-based organization warning teens of the dangers of sexting, not to mention the much-discussed scourge of cyberbullying and general oversharing.

As any parent knows, kids aren't naturally inclined to consider the consequences of their impulsive online actions, which can have real repercussions down the line. And in an age where our kids are ever-more connected via the social web, but arguably remain unprepared for the responsibility that come with these connections, one Kickstarter project is looking to help. Read more...

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Kid President Sends Heartfelt Mother's Day Salute to Moms

Posted: 11 May 2013 07:12 PM PDT


Kid President, the youthful powerhouse in a power suit who knows how to give one heck of a motivational pep talk, has taken his inspirational talents to Mother's Day.

The video message, sent "on behalf of all the kids in the world," shows Kid President, whose given name is Robbie Novak, spelling out the ten things moms need to know in his typical, exuberant fashion.

Don't worry so much about cleaning, he exhorts mom. "Our house isn't messy, it's awesome. It's awesome because we live in it." And the kid gets incisive when he says, poignantly, "It's just hard to grow up. Sometimes we just need moms ... to tell us everything is OK." Read more...

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GeoGuessr Game Is Endless Fun for Travel Addicts

Posted: 11 May 2013 06:35 PM PDT


Love to travel? Like guessing games? GeoGuessr may be just the perfect diversion for you. But be careful — it's habit-forming.

The smart game uses Google Street View and Google Maps to take you on a virtual tour of the world. The catch? You're digitally dropped in unknown locations, then have to figure out just where you've landed

GeoGuessr works like this: You're presented with a location in Google Street View. You can zoom in, zoom out, look up, look down — all the stuff you can do in Street View normally. Then, once you think you've got a handle on things, you plot a point on a Google Map within the Street View window. Once you've made your guess, GeoGuessr plots another coordinate to show you just how close (or not close at all) you were Read more...

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Puppycam Features Future Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans

Posted: 11 May 2013 05:58 PM PDT


On the night of May 5, a golden retriever named Gucci gave birth, live and online via puppycam, to a healthy litter of adorable puppies, each one with an important task ahead. The eight pups, who are visible via live stream (below) courtesy of, will grow up to assist wounded veterans and others with disabilities as service dogs

East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD), which has a program for wounded veterans, Project HEAL, trains dogs "to retrieve items, open doors, activate light switches, pull wheelchairs, balance, brace, and perform many other highly specialized tasks."

As future service dogs, these tiny puppies will eventually spend two weeks training with their new companion, who may be a returning veteran, learning to help him or her with mental and physical disabilities such as traumatic brain injury or blindness. Housing during training, as well as the service dog, are provided to returning soldiers free of charge by ECAD Read more...

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WNBA Player Puts on Astonishing Shooting Show

Posted: 11 May 2013 05:27 PM PDT


Even LeBron James and Kobe Bryant probably can't match this. Watch a former women's college-basketball player sink 132 out of 135 three-pointers in just five minutes

Her name is Laurie Koehn, and she played for Kansas State back in the early 2000s before going on to the WNBA's Atlanta Dream. In this clip, she's back at her alma mater, which uploaded the video to its official YouTube channel on Wednesday. Koehn's machine-like efficiency has proved a hit with sports fans online, earning the clip more than 330,000 views since

Could Koehn outshoot most NBA stars? Check the video, above; then let us know what you think in the comments Read more...

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6 Apps You Don't Want to Miss

Posted: 11 May 2013 04:59 PM PDT


It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released every week. But you're in luck — Mashable takes care of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps.

This week, Disney released an app that lets you instantly create a digital storybook of your adventures to share with friends, and Zynga released a new, addictive game as part of its "With Friends" series.

Flipboard released a major update for Android, and a popular video app got a facelift for iOS.

Check out the gallery above for a look at this week's highlights.

Still looking for more? See last week's Apps You Don't Want to Miss for more great apps worth a look Read more...

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Gas Pump Prank Sparks Stunning Karaoke Session

Posted: 11 May 2013 04:25 PM PDT


A simple gas-pump prank ends up turning into one of the funniest karaoke sessions you'll ever see, in this viral video

It begins as an installment of The Tonight Show's "Pumpcast News," where gas customers are surprised at the pump by a news anchor who can see them from the station's television screens

But in this case, they prank just the right person: A man who delivers a killer impromptu karaoke rendition of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." And that's not all — his wife then does her own spot-on performance of "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics Read more...

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Windows 8 Releases Kooky Ads in Asia — But in What Language?

Posted: 11 May 2013 03:59 PM PDT


Microsoft released a series of off-the-wall ads in Asia that promote its Windows 8 operating system using kooky visual analogies.

"Beautiful and Fast," above, shows three bare-faced women racing to apply a full face of makeup in 10 seconds. The final woman, apparently representing Windows 8's attractive and efficient interface, succeeds.

"The Power of Touch," below, shows three men in a watermelon-carving competition, with the last contestant — again, representing Windows 8 — producing an intricate carving of a bird using only touch

"Multitask," below, shows two men playing the piano while simultaneously engaged in a ping-pong match with each other. The video is an apparent analogy for Windows 8's multitasking capabilities Read more...

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Top 10 Tech This Week

Posted: 11 May 2013 03:14 PM PDT


It was a big week in tech, and chances are, you probably missed one or two big stories. Lucky you — we were here, closely following the world of tech for Top 10 Tech This Week

The biggest story of the week was the world's first 3D-printed gun, caught on camera firing for the first time, just as Cody Wilson, the world's most famous 3D-printing gunsmith, promised two weeks ago

There were also big stories in the tech business worldAmazon is reportedly working on two smartphones with 3D displays that work without glasses. And Adobe shocked pretty much everyone announcing that the next version of its Creative Suite will be subscription-only and cloud-based. Read more...

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Jumping, Swimming, Climbing Robot Will Blow You Away

Posted: 11 May 2013 02:38 PM PDT


It jumps! It swims! It climbs! This is RHex, the latest DARPA-funded robot from Boston Dynamics

The little guy has six legs, a compact body and can really get around. It can handle all kinds of terrain, as well as inclines of up to 60%, while its battery life lasts up to six hours. All that capability sure calls to mind some fascinating possibilities, and hints at just how advanced robotics will become in our lifetime

For more, and to see RHex in action, check out the video above. What do you think RHex could be used for in the real world? Let us know in the comments Read more...

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Should I Wait to Buy My Next iPhone?

Posted: 11 May 2013 01:59 PM PDT


Mashable OP-ED

Back in the summer of 2011, I bought an iPhone 4. Yup, that’s right, just three months before Apple unveiled iPhone 4S and Siri, I plunked down $200 for yesterday’s technology. In my defense, I was changing jobs and needed a phone ASAP. iPhone was my first choice.

Fast-forward to today and I’m now eligible for an iPhone 5 upgrade. That’s good news, since I’ve tested the iPhone 5 and am impressed. So why don’t I just run out now and get it? You know why. I keep wondering, how soon before the next iPhone?

For as good as the iPhone is, it’s no longer the new smartphone on the block and has been eclipsed in functionality by competitors, including everyone from Samsung to HTC. Not that I want an Android Phone. I mean they’re really good phones: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is beautiful. It’s smart, fast, and powerful, with mind-blowing features like Smart Scroll, Smart Video and the Jedi-control-like Air View. The HTC One is equally impressive with, perhaps, more than a bit of a design nod to the iPhone. Read more...

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Eerie Pics Show Tunisia's Abandoned 'Star Wars' Sets

Posted: 11 May 2013 01:12 PM PDT


Little known fact: Tatooine isn't actually located in a galaxy far, far away. It's right here on Earth — Tunisia, to be precise

The North African country was where many of the most iconic Stars Wars scenes were shot decades ago. Its dramatic, desolate landscape provided an ideal setting to help bring George Lucas' imagination to life

Visual artist and filmmaker Rä di Martino recently saw the abandoned sets — some of which have stood the test of time better than others — firsthand. Her eerie, beautiful photos are remarkable both for their nostalgic value and their subject matter, giving those who see them a window into a surreal world. She's letting us run a handful here; check out di Martino's website for more of her work Read more...

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Smartphone Does Nothing for Your Six-Pack

Posted: 11 May 2013 12:57 PM PDT


Smartphone Habit Comic, PC Weenies

Do you even lift, smartphone addicts? All that time spent fiddling with your iPhone has done little to improve your physique. Well, unless you count those killer thumb muscles you've built up.

In this comic, Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies proves that smartphones won't give you a body like Vin Diesel, but they may help you kick at least one annoying habit.

Comic illustration by Krishna Sadasivam, PC Weenies. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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9 Touching Mother's Day Portraits

Posted: 11 May 2013 11:52 AM PDT


To mark this year's Mother's Day, we gathered some lovely portraits of moms from all around the world, as taken by their talented offspring

We are highlighting nine photographs that caught our eye, accompanied by a comment from the photographer explaining what makes his or her mom so very special

Take a look through our selection in the image gallery above. Have you snapped a pic of your mom that you're particularly proud of? Please share it in the comments section below

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, Eric Wüstenhagen

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Telecommuting: The Risks and Rewards

Posted: 11 May 2013 11:04 AM PDT


Telecommuting is on the rise. As more jobs rely on just an Internet connection, companies look to stay nimble. Workers continue striving for balance in life, and simply working from home has become an increasingly viable option for both employers and employees

By some estimates, a full fifth of the global tech workforce telecommutes at least occasionally, and 84% of that group does so at least once per month. One projection has up to 30% of the overall American workforce telecommuting by 2019

But, while workers consider telecommuting to be a major perk, there are risks for employers. According to one survey, 43% of employees who telecommute admit to watching TV or movies while on the clock, while 20% say they've played video games Read more...

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How to Invoke the Goddess of Creativity

Posted: 11 May 2013 10:41 AM PDT


Sometimes we need some otherworldly force to shine down and grant us divine inspiration, especially when we're experiencing blocks in creativity.

But in this comic, Josh Mecouch of Formal Sweatpants shows us that it's not all that easy — even the goddess of creativity needs us to make some sacrifices.

Creativity Goddess Comic, Formal Sweatpants

Comic illustration by Josh Mecouch, Formal Sweatpants. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more...

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17 Supermoms Who Dominate the Digital World

Posted: 11 May 2013 10:23 AM PDT


Sometimes we wonder how moms can accomplish all that they do. From traveling to outer space to running some of the world's most powerful companies to raising us, moms are unstoppable.

While these incredible ladies deserve to be recognized every day of the year, Mother's Day is the special time for singing their praises.

For these leaders in the digital space, it's not just their children who can appreciate everything they do. As Internet and technology lovers, we feel like it's also our duty to celebrate their incredible contributions.

Here's our list of 17 moms doing incredible things that most people — even without kids — wouldn't think they could do. We think they definitely deserve the title "supermoms." Read more...

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A Terrifying Upgrade: Doctor Who's Cybermen Get a New Look

Posted: 11 May 2013 09:39 AM PDT


If Doctor Who has anything to say about the dark side of technology, the show speaks loudest through its recurring cybernetic monsters, the Cybermen. Once human, the Cybermen have replaced their body parts with mechanical components. The only exception is the brain, which undergoes a slight modification: all emotions are purged.

They call it "upgrading."

The Cybermen were persistent villains in the classic series after they first debuted in 1966. They returned many times to threaten the Doctor, but while their menace was dependable, their fashion sense wasn't. It seemed every Cybermen story featured a new design for the creatures, with only a couple of consistent emblems — handlebars on the sides of their heads and an almost comically blank face — to make them recognizable. Read more...

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Unplanned Spacewalk a 'Precedent-Setting' Move for Space Station Crew

Posted: 11 May 2013 09:25 AM PDT


HOUSTON — Astronaut Tom Marshburn was planning to spend Saturday (May 11) packing for home. After five months in space, his ride back to Earth is set to leave the International Space Station in just a couple of days.

But instead of getting ready for his return, Marshburn and his fellow flight engineer Chris Cassidy are making a last-minute spacewalk in hopes of finding and fixing a coolant leak in the orbiting outpost's main power system.

The contingency spacewalk is the latest in a long but still relatively-rare record of unplanned extravehicular activities (or EVAs) carried out by NASA astronauts. Under normal circumstances, the U.S. space agency prepares its crew members and ground teams to conduct spacewalks with the benefit of weeks of planning and months of training Read more...

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15 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Posted: 11 May 2013 09:02 AM PDT


With graduation and Mother's Day quickly approaching, it would be easy to miss out on the latest updates in tech and social media — but don't worry, we've got you covered.

As always, we at Mashable have rounded up the most noteworthy features to keep you informed, so read on to learn how to send your mom some last-minute Mother's Day presents and what the world looks like through Google Glass.

  • How to Systemize and Scale Your Startup
    In the early days of a startup, you're forced to do just about everything yourself. Here's how to offload and streamline some of that responsibility

  • 10 Ways to Send Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts Online
    Scrambling for a gift as the clock ticks down to Mother's Day? We've got you covered. Read more...

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    Flash Mob of 40 Bald Eagles Gather for Free Lunch

    Posted: 11 May 2013 08:30 AM PDT


    You've probably never seen so many bald eagles in one place. Bald eagles might be scarce in the lower 48 of the United States, but the noble national bird is in abundance in the unusually named and lovely town of Unalaska, Alaska

    Typically depicted as noble lone hunters, bald eagles will be happy to accept a free lunch just like the rest of us would. This flash mob of angry birds apparently couldn't pass up their favorite food

    The group of about 40 bald eagles is seen at leisure, casually lunching on a giant load of fish fillets carelessly left in the back of a pickup truck in a Safeway parking lot Read more...

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    KPI: What Is a Key Performance Indicator?

    Posted: 11 May 2013 08:00 AM PDT


    KPIs are often seen as a cure to what ails the online ad industry. During AOL's first-quarter earnings call in 2012, CEO Tim Armstrong discussed how he was trying to convince more advertisers to use them:

    "The majority of our ad customers are running their display budgets off of KPIs (key performance measures like brand lift)," Armstrong told Adweek. "We need to reconnect brands to KPIs. We've sort of needed to shift from an older display model to a newer display model, and that’s something we’re working through."

    Got that? It's time to reconnect with KPIs, man. Dive into that KPI goodness.

    What are KPIs, you ask?

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    LaunchPad Helps Job Seekers Gain a Competitive Edge

    Posted: 11 May 2013 07:07 AM PDT


    As graduation looms closer and closer, many soon-to-be college alumni have only one thing on their minds: the impending job search. Sometimes it feels like all we hear about are the dismal prospects for graduating seniors, or how competitive the job market is — but six Harvard Business School students have set out to help job and internship seekers gain a competitive edge with a service called LaunchPad.

    LaunchPad connects job seekers with professional advisors so they can gain insight into different industries or potential careers. Through one-on-one phone calls, job seekers can get advice and ask questions from advisors who are Ivy League-educated and work at top-tier banks or Fortune 500 companies. Seekers can ask industry-specific questions, request feedback on their resumes or gain insight into which job to choose — the seeker gets to decide how to use his or her 30-minute advising session Read more...

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