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Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “New Apple Patent Application Describes Flexible iWatch”

Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “New Apple Patent Application Describes Flexible iWatch”

New Apple Patent Application Describes Flexible iWatch

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 03:21 AM PST

A patent application from Apple outlines a device with a flexible screen worn on your wrist, adding fuel to the recent iWatch rumors.

The patent application describes a "wearable accessory device" which "includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring."

If that sounds vague, Apple was kind enough to explain that it's actually talking about a "slap wrap" type of bracelet.

While not exactly a wristwatch, the bracelet could show all sorts of info on its flexible screen -- including that of the temporal variety -- but Apple also has a couple of novelty ideas for the device.

These include a "a sensor for detecting a change between the flat state and the curled state of th…
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Here’s How You Can Make Any Website Do the ‘Harlem Shake’

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 01:53 AM PST

The "Harlem Shake" meme has been sweeping the interwebz with its bite-sized doses of hypnotic weirdness.

Since its viral debut earlier this month, different "editions" of the video have emerged, dominating YouTube. And now, "Harlem Shake" is infiltrating other websites. is a website whose sole purpose is to Harlem Shake-ify other sites with the meme. Simply type in any URL, and watch as it gets a case of the shakes. (Click here to watch what happens when you input the, for example.)

SEE ALSO: YouTube: Here's How 'Harlem Shake' Went Viral

The Harlem Shake Bookmarklet achieves similar results after users install the bookmarklet, and then click on it when vi…
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This iPhone Skin Lets You Stick It to Any Surface

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 01:24 AM PST

With thousands of apps and limitless online resources for any task imaginable, we take our phones everywhere.

Smartphones are used as mirrors, navigation guides and cook books, but maneuvering your iPhone while measuring ingredients can get messy.

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Google Drive Now Has File Previews

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 12:10 AM PST

Google has added file previews to Google Drive, a nifty feature which will help users quickly find the document they want.

Previews will show up automatically when you open photos, videos or PDF files. For Google documents, you can also get the preview by right-clicking on the file name and selecting "preview".

The preview window offers a fair share of options as well. Once you open it, you can check out other files by clicking on arrows on either side. You can also watch videos or scroll through multi-page documents right there in the preview window. Finally, when previewing a document, you can also zoom in, select and copy text, share, download, print or open a file for editing.…
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Two Guys Create Legit Way to Pay Debt Online

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 12:03 AM PST

You can't ignore your debt, but you don't have to pick up the phone. ReadyforZero is an online tool that helps you manage all your debts in one place.

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Why No One Wants to Pay for YouTube Channels

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 10:54 PM PST

Unless you've been living with that Russian family cut off from human contact since before World War II, you may have noticed that pretty much every video worth a watch on YouTube has an ad in front of it.

This, of course, is not an accident. This is a carefully built and highly profitable scheme created by the good people of Google, and one that's been netting top YouTubers annual salaries of well over a hundred grand per year.

That's right, that dopey guy with the Justin Beiber haircut is making around four hundred thousand a year for essentially talking into his webcam about nothing. Do yourself a favor and try not to think about what kind of money the Annoying Orange is pull…
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Samsung’s TV Discovery Service Learns Your Viewing Preferences

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 10:28 PM PST

Samsung is set to unveil TV Discovery, a service that aims to personalize users' viewing experience, at the Mobile World Congress, the company announced Thursday.

The service, which can be used on Samsung's mobile devices and smart TVs, searches for programming from various sources, including traditional live television, video-on-demand or online sites such as YouTube, according to a release. It can also transfer and mirror content between connected devices.

TV Discovery learns a user's preferences over time, and offers personalized recommendations based on previous viewing history.

"The more you engage with the service, the more relevant the returned recommendations for TV, movies…
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How to Send a Voice Message via Facebook

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 10:07 PM PST

1. Facebook Messenger

If you haven't already, you'll need to download the free Facebook Messenger app for your handset or tablet. The version for iOS devices can be found on iTunes, and the Android option is available over on Google play.

Click here to view this gallery.

Our favorite thing about Facebook is that it keeps us connected to our faraway friends and family. If you want to send someone a special message via the service, did you know you can record a voice version?

Thanks to the Messenger apps for iOS and Android, it's possible to sing someone "Happy Birthday," record a good luck missive or even say -- rather than just type -- "I love you."

SEE ALSO: How to See When Someone Unfriends You on Facebook

Take a look through our simple walkthrough in the slideshow above. Will you use this feature? Have your say in the comments below.

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, Christopher Bowns

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Michelle Obama on Her Bangs: ‘This Is My Midlife Crisis’

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 09:34 PM PST

First Lady Michelle Obama tells Rachael Ray the real reason she got her now-famous hairdo.

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Can You Drive Stoned? This Video Has the Answer

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 09:02 PM PST

"Can you drive stoned?" It's a question that's been asked many a time. A viral video that started as some CNN investigative journalism sheds light.

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Watch a NASCAR Driver’s Petulant Post-Race Meltdown

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 08:35 PM PST

A NASCAR driver freaked out like a petulant teen in an interview. Video of his expletive-laden outburst featuring a great "yeah right" is Internet gold.

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World’s First Live-Tweeted C-Section Is a Success [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 07:57 PM PST

Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital system live-tweeted a C-section delivery for the first time in world history on Wednesday morning, giving followers an educational -- and extremely graphic -- look at one way human life begins.

The operation on an unnamed 39-year-old mother went well, hospital staff tells us, and both she and the newborn boy are doing well.

The Storify embedded below will take you through the procedure, from pre-op preparations all the way through to the child being wheeled out of the operating room and the mother's incision being stitched back up. Check it out for the full story, but again, be warned: Things get real. A clip of the doctor reaching inside the mothe…
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‘Harlem Shake’ Is No. 1 After Billboard Adds YouTube to Chart Formula

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 07:41 PM PST

Billboard has just added YouTube views to its methodology that ranks the top 100 songs in the United States. The change immediately pushed Baauer's 2012 single "Harlem Shake" to the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 on Wednesday.

"Harlem Shake" is best known as the music featured in the viral "Harlem Shake" video meme.

Billboard's addition of YouTube data is another attempt to keep its charts relevant, as more people access their music in digital formats. Last October, Billboard began using Nielsen SoundScan's digital-download sales numbers and streaming data -- from Spotify, Muve, Slacker, Rhapsody, Rdio and Xbox Music, among other services -- to determine chart rankings.…
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Here’s Why You’re Addicted to Porn

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 07:28 PM PST

If you thought your late night X-rated Google searches were fueled by an innate carnal desire, think again. YouTube account ASAP Science is blowing the lid off of the porn industry by explaining why so many people form addictions to virtual arousal.

It reports that pornography makes up 25% of all search engine requests, and is the fourth most common reason for going on the Internet. While most of us may believe it's a desire driven by sexual organs, the real organ to blame is in our heads.

SEE ALSO: Iceland May Ban Online Porn

ASAP Science says porn has the ability to rewire the human brain because of the relationship it has to dopamine. Long story short: Too much porn means t…
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How to Have a Killer Photo-Ready Smile

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 06:56 PM PST

We've been lied to for decades: All this time people have been encouraged to say, "Cheese" in front of the camera, but according to one video, it's the best way to look bad for a photo.

YouTube user Pleated Jeans explains how saying the word actually screws up your mouth into an awkward position, making you look odd in photos. (No wonder your Facebook profile pics never get any likes!)

SEE ALSO: The Social Psychology of the Selfie

Instead, refer to his tips in the video, above, and you'll start looking at lot more natural (and dare we say, good?) during those photo-ops. (No promises, though).

Video and image courtesy of YouTube, pleatedjeans.

BONUS: 10 Reasons to Smile
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Will Twitter’s Ad API Prompt a Torrent of Ads?

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 06:32 PM PST

Twitter on Wednesday opened the floodgates to a torrent of new advertising. While that's going to be great for revenues, there's a risk of an oversaturation of ads in the stream.

Balancing user experience with monetization needs is a delicate task for any media company, but Twitter is uniquely vulnerable. As Clark Fredricksen, VP at eMarketer, points out, Twitter does not have a right column for direct-response ads the way Facebook does. The only real estate for sale on Twitter is that company's equivalent of the News Feed.

The comparison is an apt one. Facebook introduced its advertising API in 2009 in limited private beta and by 2011 and 2012 was making 60% of its revenues from API-…
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PlayStation 4 a No-Show

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 05:52 PM PST

PlayStation 4

Click here to view this gallery.

If you were hoping to see an actual console after Sony's PlayStation 4 launch event -- or even to learn how much it will cost -- you're sadly out of luck.

The much-hyped two-hour event, watched by hundreds of thousands online, turned out to be long on game demos and short on details about the actual device, which is set to launch sometime in the holiday season.

Most of the press and other invited guests in the audience expected that the demos were leading up to an unveiling of the console itself. Instead, after one final game demo -- Bungie's Destiny -- and another quick look at the controller, the event ended.

Reaction on Twitter ranged from bemused to vitriolic:

Rather odd t…
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PlayStation 4 Will Arrive Holiday 2013

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 05:41 PM PST

PlayStation 4

Click here to view this gallery.

Sony's PlayStation 4 will hit stores in time for the holiday season.

The electronics giant unveiled the PS4 at a big press event in New York City on Wednesday, and showed off lots of game footage, but shared very little about the console itself.

While we don't know how much the console will cost, the type of media it will use or what the box even looks like, we do know that it will hit store shelves during the upcoming 2013 holiday season.

The PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006, and has sold over 70 million console units to date. Seven years later, will the PS4 have what it takes to conquer the modern, evolved gaming market? Give us your thoughts in the comments, below.…
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Mommy Tiger and Her Cubs Are Beyond Precious

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 05:29 PM PST

Looks like the animal kingdom isn't so different from mankind, especially when it comes to motherhood.

This BBC Earth footage -- shot in the Indian jungle by attaching cameras to elephants (you heard that right) -- shows four 10-day-old cubs running around, tumbling off rocks and being typical rowdy children (they look a little like they've had too much to drink).

SEE ALSO: Sea Otter Plays B-Ball Like a Champ

The mama tiger, much like all moms, has to keep the little tykes safe and does so by delicately carrying them back to the den by the scruff of their necks -- a tough job when she can bite with the force of 500 kilos (about 1,100 pounds). But, of course, this devoted mot…
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YouTube and Netflix Could Win Emmy Awards

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 05:13 PM PST

With the influx of original programming from online outlets, could Netflix, Amazon and YouTube compete with the big networks for the Emmy?

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Get Your Caffeine Buzz With a Grumpy Cat Latte

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 05:08 PM PST

It's something everyone can relate to -- you're cranky, tired, irritated and nasty before that morning cup of joe, just like Grumpy Cat, here.

Except, not really, because she's on the latte -- not drinking it. And she's grumpy no matter how much caffeine she gets into her furry body.

SEE ALSO: Exclusive: Grumpy Cat Does 'Harlem Shake'

But props to Tumblr user Rocket024 who has the amazing ability to meme-ify her drink. We hope she carves Grumpy Cat into a bagel, next.

Image by Mashable; Grumpy cat art courtesy of Tumblr, Rocket024.

BONUS: 10 Terrific Grumpy Cat Tributes on Etsy

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10 Things You Never Knew About Craigslist

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 04:54 PM PST

1. Heavy Traffic

Craigslist receives more than 50 billion page monthly pageviews. More than 60 million people from the U.S. alone visit the site each month

Image courtesy of Flickr,

Click here to view this gallery.

When you think of Craigslist, you probably imagine the sparsely designed Internet agora of job listings, apartment rentals and just about everything else in between. But what do you really know about the community-driven e-commerce hub?

We dug into Craigslist's About page to learn some lesser-known facts.

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How many people actually post to Craigslist each month? Why is it rather than And who is Craig, anyways? Take a look through the gallery above to become a Craigslist expert.

Are you a frequent Craigslist user? Let us know in the comments if any of these facts surprise you.

Homepage image
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Ping-Pong Player’s Behind-the-Back Shot Is So Baller

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 04:50 PM PST

Now this is what we call ping-pong for grown-ups.

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Make Your Own Humanoid Robot With 3D-Printed MAKI

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 04:42 PM PST

3D printing allows for incomparably quick construction. From gifts and jewelry to prosthetics and houses, the innovation extends opportunities for creation and design.

Hello Robo, a robotic platform design group, is looking to make do-it-yourself robots accessible for everyone. The project looks to make personal robots more affordable for anyone with a 3D printer.

The humanoid robot, called MAKI, uses open source software and can be built for less than $500. The relatively low-cost assembly is ideal for hobbyists and educational institutions, creators explain on their Kickstarter page. Making the robot available through printing can save researchers time creating prototypes and inste…
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Meet Mashable’s New 85-Year-Old Entertainment Intern: Oscar

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 04:24 PM PST

Mashable has expanded its Entertainment vertical in the thick of awards season with the addition of a talented intern named Oscar. *

At age 85, Oscar has a tough time relating to some of the youngins on staff, but his vast experience, including the fact he graduated from a prestigious Academy, impressed us. His Hollywood connections didn't hurt either -- Jack Nicholson called him an A-list worker, while Leonardo DiCaprio refused to answer our phone calls.

Oscar's choice in work attire -- or lack of work attire -- quickly landed him in the HR office, which might be why his attitude has become more Lindsay Lohan and less Jennifer Lawrence.

*But seriously, this is a real deal Academy…
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White House Says It’s Cracking Down on Corporate IP Theft

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 04:03 PM PST

Corporate intellectual property thieves, beware: The Obama administration says it has you in its sights.

The White House released a report Wednesday detailing its strategy for combating the theft of American trade secrets, which are often the target of hackers who infiltrate American businesses. Several high-profile American companies, including Google and Lockheed Martin, have in the past few years been targeted by hackers. Additionally, a recent report by security firm Mandiant tied a secretive Chinese army unit to several high-profile cases of corporate cyber espionage.

What's in the White House's plan to deter corporate IP thieves?

As part of the new strategy, the administrati…
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12 Uncanny iMadeFace Self-Portraits

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 03:55 PM PST

1. Dan Taylor

Click here to view this gallery.

iMadeFace is one of the hottest new apps, enabling anyone with an iPhone to turn their social avatars into cartoonish versions of their self.

Last week, we asked you to submit your best iMadeFace self-portraits. You sent us some amazing submissions, and we loved seeing the creative interpretations of your photos.

In a matter of minutes, anyone can use iMadeFace to draw an animated doppleganger. What do you think of the efforts above? Let us know your favorites and feel free to leave a link to your own work of art in the comments.

iMadeFace Self-Portrait
Image courtesy of Shirley Vilca

Have you tried iMadeFace yet?

Homepage image courtesy of via Katie Seeger

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FCC Approves Wireless Signal Boosters, With Caveats

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 03:37 PM PST

Rejoice, oh sufferers of terrible wireless connections: The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the regulated use of signal boosters to extend the range of wireless networks.

The Commission's decision, however, comes with several conditions: First, carriers can individually determine whether they will allow their customers to use signal boosters. All four major nationwide carriers and many local carriers have already agreed to allow them. Second, the millions of people who already use unregulated signal boosters to extend the range of their wireless networks will have to register them with their carriers. Finally, the FCC ordered that boosters meet te…
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Take a Seat on This ‘Game of Thrones’ Keyboard Creation

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 03:25 PM PST

Image courtesy of Mike DeWolfe

Click here to view this gallery.

A programmer puts a new, nerdy twist on the Iron Throne from 'Game of Thrones.'

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Learn How to Make a PB&J in Space

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 03:12 PM PST

Looks like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are just as popular in outer space as down on planet Earth.

Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who rocketed (I had to go there) to viral stardom with his videos describing life in space, has now begun a series in space cooking. His first foray into zero gravity food prep is a classic -- PB&J.

Well, kind of. Turns out bread it too crummy (like, too many actual crumbs) for space, so astronauts sub in tortilla. Hadfield also trades honey for jelly, so he actually ends up with a PB&H taco.

SEE ALSO: Sex on Mars: A Dangerous Love Story

And the video gets interesting when the tortilla floats away and Hadfield has to go bouncing th…
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