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Mashable: Latest 22 News Updates - including “Kids Use Coding Skills to Hack Online Games”

Mashable: Latest 22 News Updates - including “Kids Use Coding Skills to Hack Online Games”

Kids Use Coding Skills to Hack Online Games

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 08:13 PM PST

Kids as young as 11 are using coding skills to hack accounts on social media and gaming sites, according to one report. Antivirus firm AVG says children are writing malware to steal data and virtual currency from friends.

However, the hacks are still in their infancy, as researchers found errors that trace back to the original source. One author included his exact email address, password and additional information, revealing an 11-year-old boy in Canada. Most programming languages researchers found in the study were elementary, such as C# and Visual Basic. Check out the video, above, for more.

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As today's…
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5 Social Apps To Encourage Employee Health and Wellness

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 07:30 PM PST

Health care is a huge subject right now -- and for good reason.

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A GIF Guide to the 2013 Grammy Awards

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 07:00 PM PST

It might not be a Beyonce-led halftime show, but the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday will at least be moderately entertaining.

Even with CBS-sanctioned conservative fashion choices, "music's biggest night" always finds a way to surprise with its one-time-only collaborations and major performances. The 55th annual outing promises to bring Justin Timberlake out safely from his labyrinth of hallways and will likely mark the return to the stage for Adele.

The ceremony airs 8 p.m. ET on CBS, so prep yourself for an onslaught of Two Broke Girls ads and some live GIFs on our Tumblr.

Here are the eight performers we're looking forward to watching.

1. Taylor Swift

Justin Timberlak…
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Watch What Happens When You Drop a White-Hot Nickel Ball on Ice

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 06:15 PM PST

When we first noticed that a YouTube video of a super-hot nickel ball dropped onto a block of ice was trending big-time, we wondered what was so interesting about it.

Once we began watching this short clip that lasts less than a minute, we found it strangely mesmerizing. Watch the ball of nearly-molten nickel eating its way through the ice, as if it were some sort of ultra-powerful acid eating through glass. No wonder the thing's gone viral after being online for just one day.

It's part of an online collection of YouTube videos by a scientist and video producer who calls himself carsandwater. He aims to please, saying, "With a request to place a red-hot nickel ball on a block of ic…
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How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 05:50 PM PST

In the age of social media, we have countless outlets for job searching. Platforms such as LinkedIn are the first to come to mind, but can candidates use Twitter to find jobs as well? This past Thursday the HR teams at Twitter and NPR collaborated in the first live #NPRTwitterChat aimed at helping job seekers use social media as a job search tool.

The chat was centered on six questions that received over 800 tweets from industry professionals all over the U.S., and even some from New Zealand and the UK. Below is a recap of the topics covered in the chat as well as tips you can use in your own job search.

To see a cool Storify roundup of the live chat, check out Amplify Talent, the b…
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Time-Travel Through ‘Back to the Future’ in 60 Seconds

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 04:44 PM PST

Why waste an entire 116 minutes watching the original Back to the Future when you can experience the movie in a mere 60 seconds? Strap yourselves in, because it's time to put the pedal to the metal for Speedrun: Back to the Future I.

Using animated line drawings, humorous sound effects, a heaping helping of plot compression and perhaps even a flux capacitor, 1A4 Studio created an entertaining minute that will remind you of how much you loved (or didn't love) Back to the Future. You'll feel like you're in a time-traveling DeLorean with Marty McFly, speeding through the film at a velocity that feels way faster than 88 mph.

YouTube user 1A4 Studio, an animator who vows to "create awes…
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Apple iOS 6.1 Reportedly Plagued With Battery, 3G and Syncing Issues

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 03:52 PM PST

Apple's iOS 6.1, the latest publicly available version of the popular mobile operating system, has reportedly been causing widespread issues among iPhone users.

Released almost two weeks ago, iOS 6.1 has prompted a number of users to go to the Apple Support Community forum to report battery drain and overheating issues. These issues are said to be found in different iPhone models.

But the iPhone 4S, in particular, is said to be affected by an iOS 6.1 bug that's causing 3G problems for Vodafone.

SEE ALSO: Apple Rolls Out iOS 6.1 With Enhanced LTE Support

As reported by iDownloadBlog, the British carrier has sent a text message to its subscribers informing them of the issue. In add…
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Now You Can Watch 6 Vine Videos of the Blizzard at Once

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 03:17 PM PST

Now there is a way to see six Vine videos at the same time, and they're all about a single topic: Nemo, the blizzard that slammed into the Northeast.

It was allegedly written in an hour by GroupMe Founder Steve Martocci (@smart) and Poptip founder Kelsey Falter (@kfalter) as they both visited the Founders Weekend conference in Las Vegas. They're calling the pop-up site "Vining Nemo," and it's a video sixpack that starts playing the six videos right when you land.

The site is not completely stable at the moment, and when one video ends, you must click for another to load -- and then click again to start it playing. And it seems like there's a limited number of accounts attached to it.…
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7 Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 01:45 PM PST

BBC Sport

The BBC launched its first app this week for international sports audiences. Currently for iOS only, BBC Sport gives users live scores, stats, schedules, standings and commentary on a number of sports ranging from soccer to Formula One.

Click here to view this gallery.

It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released every week. But you're in luck -- we take care of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps.

This week we found an app to help you keep up on your favorite sports, and another that will let you see all the newest blockbusters without breaking the bank.

A new app for Windows Phone ensures you always capture the perfect picture, and a popular television app saw an update that makes it easy for you to find the right thing to watch.

Check out the gallery above for a look at this week's highlights.

Still looking for more? Check out last week's Apps You Don't Want To Miss for more great a…
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Check Out Twitter Co-Founders’ Beautiful New Office Space

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 01:00 PM PST

Some of the creators of Twitter have landed on a pretty new perch in San Francisco. Biz Stone and Evan Williams, both co-founders of Twitter, have secured office space at 760 Market Street as the headquarters of Obvious, their new venture, which recently launched Medium, a publishing platform.

"We need the right space from which to grow the Medium team and position Obvious to focus on bringing our new ideas to life," Obvious CEO Williams said in a statement. "We're excited to get three custom floors on Market Street, in the heart of downtown. Being surrounded by like-minded peers in a creative space also serves as an inspiration."

For more on the space, check out the video above.…
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In Space First, Curiosity Rover Drills Into Mars Rock and Collects Sample

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 11:52 AM PST

NASA's Curiosity rover has drilled into a Martian rock and collected samples, marking the first time any robot has ever performed this complicated maneuver on the surface of another planet.
The 1-ton Curiosity rover used its arm-mounted drill to bore a hole 0.63 inches (1.6 centimeters) wide and 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) deep in a section of sedimentary bedrock on Friday (Feb. 8). The activity paves the way for the first-ever analysis of fresh Martian subsurface material and provides the last major checkout of the robot's gear and instruments, researchers said.
"The most advanced planetary robot ever designed now is a fully operating analytical laboratory on Mars," John Grunsfeld, associate admi…
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Bionic Eyes Are Coming to the U.S.

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 11:20 AM PST

A bionic eye system, currently awaiting FDA approval, may soon be available in the U.S. for visually impaired patients.

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Tech Etiquette to Remember for Valentine’s Day

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 11:00 AM PST

Here's the good news: Picking up a cellphone on a Valentine's Day date doesn't mean you'll be forever cursed into the single life. Here's the bad news: Picking up a cellphone on a Valentine's Day date may mean you'll be forever cursed into the single life.

There are no steadfast rules to abide by when it comes to technology use and the dating world, especially the dates that fall on Cupid's day. Since the rules of our world have so fully blurred the lines between plugged in and unplugged life, many wonder which category dating falls into.

One opinion has rose to the forefront: technology and dating do not mix. It might be a great tool to find your date, with a dating website or app,…
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A Needle Made of Sugar Could Deliver Your Next Vaccination

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 10:08 AM PST

Researchers have developed a series of pin cushion-like needles, made entirely out of sugar, that can hold and painlessly distribute vaccinations.

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Watch 9-Year-Old’s Comical Weather Report

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 09:58 AM PST

Even if you've been overwhelmed with weather reports in the past 24 hours, here's one you don't want to miss. Not because it contains vital information ahead of a storm, but because it's simply adorable and hilarious. Watch as 9-year-old William Hallman helps deliver the forecast for NBC affiliate station KVLY in Fargo, ND.

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Hallman's got the gesticulation down, but, we understand, working a green screen while facing the camera's kind of like tapping your head and rubbing your belly simultaneously.

BONUS: Quick and Easy Life Hacks

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5 Games You Should Play This Weekend

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 09:23 AM PST

1. Dead Space 3

Action fans will be happy with the third entry into the Dead Space series, out this week. The game is a solid, long adventure into the horrors of a future where infected alien zombies lurk around every dark passage. While this is the furthest departure from the Dead Space horror formula -- it's more action than survival horror -- it still has the solid mechanics you'd come to expect from the series, including the beautiful way menus are handled. The co-op addition is very fun as well, so it's good to grab a friend. Dead Space 3 is out now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Click here to view this gallery.

If you're unlucky enough to be under several feet of snow, you're going to need a good indoor distraction this weekend.

Even if you aren't in a place experiencing a lot of winter weather, it's always a great time for gaming. We've picked the best titles from mobile, console and social to play that are new and noteworthy this week.

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Give our list above a look for our suggestions. What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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9 Beautiful Pics of New York City Covered in Snow

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 09:11 AM PST

Bethesda Fountain in black and white

Photo by 24gotham

Click here to view this gallery.

New Yorkers awoke to a thick blanket of snow outside Saturday morning, following winter storm Nemo. By daybreak, the city was covered in nearly a foot of the stuff.

Mobile phone photographers didn't let that keep them from exploring some of the city to capture the aftermath of the storm. Check out a selection of images captured Saturday morning, and share with us in the comments your own wintry photos.

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Watch ‘Thundersnow’ Moment During Winter Storm Nemo

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 08:12 AM PST

A N.Y. resident captured a rare lightning-blizzard moment during Friday's snow storm Nemo.

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50 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 08:07 AM PST

It has been another action-packed week. The Super Bowl happened Sunday, Facebook had a brief Internet takeover and ] the blizzard Nemo passed over to the Northeast.

We at Mashable have been busy covering the newest contraptions and gadgets in the digital world, and as always, our weekly features roundup will get you up to speed on social media, tech, business and lifestyles. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've also included several features to help you have a memorable holiday.

So if you were too preoccupied this week to keep up on all the news, read on -- we've got you covered.

Editor's Picks

Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Watch Them All Here
Relive Super Bowl 2013 by…
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Google’s Private Planes Could Get $82M Complex at San Jose Airport

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 07:43 AM PST

Google's execs could be getting a serious travel upgrade with the proposed addition of an $82 million facility that would service and house their private jets at the Mineta San Jose International Airport.

The proposed 29-acre expansion will include an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space large enough to accomodate large business jets and aircraft servicing facilities, according to a statement from the airport released Friday.

Finding a home for Google's jets has proved difficult, according to the Mountain View Voice. The company's aircrafts are currently housed in the federally owned Moffett Field in Mountain View. The White House and NASA quashed a proposed $45 million restora…
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4 Steps to Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 06:46 AM PST

While there are currently tens of millions of blogs worldwide, close to 60 million powered by WordPress alone, many bloggers are not yet monetizing their sites. If you�re one of these bloggers, a good place to start is with affiliate marketing: directing readers to a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sale (or other action) when it occurs.

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Patent Application Reveals Pillow That Could Help You Wake Up

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 06:12 AM PST

Sony wants to make a pillow that instead of just helping you fall asleep helps you wake up. In a patent filing, the company outlines a pillow that would have electrodes and sensors on it and would make napping more efficient.

"The present application relates to a sleep aid device and method, program and recording medium, and more particularly, to a sleep aid device and method, program and recording medium for having a short sleep efficiently," the patent application says. Imagine instead of setting your alarm for a pre-determined time before you lay down for a nap, your pillow could sense when you actually fall asleep -- not when you began to try to sleep -- and wake you up when you've sl…
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Top 10 Tech This Week

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 05:39 AM PST

1. Hackable Mini Drone

A Swedish startup is at the forefront of the drone miniaturization trend, its mini drone, called Crazyflie Nano, is already available for preorder and is expected to start shipping this spring. Take a look at this tiny flying bot: Image courtesy of YouTube, BitcrazeVideos

Click here to view this gallery.

This week in tech was full of fascinating and often weird stories.

In the weird department, how about a dress that turns clear when you get turned on? Gives the word "transparency" a whole new meaning, and could probably make dates a bit more fun. The dress was created by a Netherlands-based fashion designer. As for fascinating, British archaeologists unearthed the remains of controversial King Richard III, beneath a parking lot -- and researchers used them to create a 3D-printed reproduction of his face.

It was a week especially full of scientific news. A new project to simulate the human brain with a supercomputer was announced, and Nokia announced it has received funds from the Eu…
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