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Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Magisto App Uses Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Edit Videos”

Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Magisto App Uses Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Edit Videos”

Magisto App Uses Artificial Intelligence to Automatically Edit Videos

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 03:30 AM PST

LAS VEGAS -- If you struggle with editing videos, then an app called Magisto might be just what you're looking for.

Available for iOS and Android as well as on the web, the app takes your videos and edits them automatically, creating high-quality movies you can then turn around and share with friends or family, or upload to the web to share with the masses.

There are plenty of apps that help the average user create professional looking photos, but nothing has done that for video, said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. He said, "We dove deep into the art of editing and production and given people the ability to truly tell their stories. We've fully automated and simplified an extremely sophi…
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Infographic: The Self-Driving, Ultra-Connected Car of the Future

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 02:47 AM PST

What will the car of the future look like? Will it drive itself and communicate with other vehicles in order to avoid traffic accidents? Will it be loaded with advanced sensors and have greatly reduced emissions compared to today's cars?

In the infographic below, the folks from InsuranceQuotes try to imagine the car of tomorrow, taking these and other likely possibilities into account. No matter which technologies are used, the car of the future is likely to be smarter, safer and more efficient. Check out how it compares to today's cars.

car of the future

Image courtesy of InsuranceQuotes

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iHeartRadio Launches Stations Based on Moods, Activities

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 02:27 AM PST

iHeartRadio rolled out a new iPhone update to give users a new way to create stations based on moods and activities, such as working out or driving to work.

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Toshiba Shows Off Its New 84-inch Ultra HD 4K TV

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 12:42 AM PST

LAS VEGAS -- At a private press event Sunday evening, Toshiba gave us a first look at its upcoming line of Ultra HD 4K TVs. The L9300 series is headlined by an 84-inch model (pictured above), but also includes a 58 and 65-inch set.

The 4K format gives you four times the pixel resolution of a standard 1080p Full-HD television, offering a picture at a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Televisions in Toshiba's 4K series use its own CEVO 4K Quad + Dual Core Processor, which is what converts standard 1080p content to the 4K resolution without creating any artifacts in the process.

The processor makes it possible to take traditional 1080p content, for instance a Blu-ray disk, and then view that con…
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Nvidia Unveils Project Shield, a Powerful Android Game Controller

Posted: 07 Jan 2013 12:01 AM PST

LAS VEGAS -- If you thought chip makers only messed around with the insides of our gadgets, think again. Nvidia, the graphics-card and mobile-processor manufacturer, surprised a packed house at a nightclub at the Palms hotel in Vegas with Project Shield, a powerful Android game controller that packs the company's latest and greatest mobile chip, the Tegra 4.

Project Shield isn't a peripheral. It's a full game console unto itself, with a 5-inch retina display that folds up from the controls. It can connect to the Android ecosystem and Google Play store via Wi-Fi, and players can mirror what's onscreen to a TV either wirelessly or via HDMI.

It doesn't stop there. In addition to having ac…
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Inside YouTube’s Plan to Dominate Your TV

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 11:53 PM PST

Quick: Think of watching a YouTube video. What kind of screen pops into your head? Chances are you thought of your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet before you imagined flopping down in front of a YouTube video on your widescreen TV in the den.

But that's an attitude YouTube is desparate to change -- and TV makers are eager to help them out. A number of sets launching at CES 2013 this week in Las Vegas -- including sets from Bang & Olufsen, LG, Panasonic and Sony -- offer the video service's recently launched "send to TV" feature.

This lets you pair an Android phone with a TV on the same Wi-Fi network, and cue up videos using the YouTube app as your remote. Sony and Samsung apps…
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Nvidia Launches Tegra 4 Mobile Quad-Core Chip

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 11:30 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Nvidia, the company that makes the mobile processors in many Android devices including the Google Nexus 7 tablet, today officially launched its next mobile chip, the Tegra 4.

The quad-core Tegra 4 is said to have six times the processing power of its predecessor, the Tegra 3. To show just how powerful the chip is, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang demonstrated how a Tegra 4-powered devices could take photos with high dynamic range (HDR) in essentially real time, with no discernible delay between the multiple shots required to assemble the composite pics.

Huang also claimed the Tegra 4 had more processing power than even the iPad 4, which Mashable's own tests showed had an incredib…
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Tiny Bluetooth Speaker Piggybacks on Your Smartphone

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 11:23 PM PST

There's no shortage of Bluetooth speakers at CES, but we're taken with the tiny-sized Pulse speaker and Rewind earbuds from Felt Audio.

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TV Shows, Movies With the Most-Engaged Fans on GetGlue

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 10:20 PM PST

Which TV shows and movies attracted the most active fans on social entertainment platform GetGlue? This infographic details which fan bases reigned supreme.

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Without a Wall Charger? The Nectar Powers Devices for Up to Two Weeks

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 10:02 PM PST

The Nectar can power electronics for up to two weeks when wall outlets aren't around.

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Ford Adds Support For Glympse, Lets Friends Know When You’ll Arrive

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 09:03 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Real-time location-sharing app Glympse announced plans Monday to bring its app into Ford vehicles.

The first location-sharing app for Ford's SYNC in-car connectivity system, Ford drivers will now be able use voice commands to let friends, family, and colleagues know exactly where they are while driving.

"People typically share their location while in the car, and by integrating Glympse into Ford SYNC AppLink, we're providing drivers with a rich, real-time and hands-free way to share where they are," said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse.

To use Glympse, drivers will download the app onto their iPhones or Android devices, and then Bluetooth-pair or USB-conne…
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Panasonic’s Emergency Flashlight Runs on Any Battery You Can Find

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 08:41 PM PST

During a blackout, many people find themselves scrambling to find the right battery size for their flashlight in the dark. A new emergency flashlight aims to eliminate that problem by accommodating all types of batteries.

Developed by Panasonic, the Any Battery Light can run on any standard battery -- from AAA to D -- regardless of its size, Japan Today reported. Inserting one of each battery size into the device gives it up to 86 hours of operation.

The flashlight can even run on a single AAA battery; it has an "energy efficient arrangement" of LEDs to enable AAA compatibility.

Panasonic was inspired to created the Any Battery Light after demand for flashlights skyrocketed follo…
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5 Fascinating Facts We Learned From Reddit Last Week

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 08:30 PM PST

1. The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months, and it's currently 2005.

Based on the Coptic (Alexandrian) calendar, it has 12 months, with five or six leap days added to comprise a 13th. The new year is celebrated on September 11 of the Gregorian calendar. Image courtesy of Dietmar Temps.

Click here to view this gallery.

Spend a little time with r/TodayILearned, r/AskScience and r/ExplainLikeImFive, and you'll be brimming with cocktail party conversation starters in no time.

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We've plucked our faves from the week gone by. What have you learned from Reddit lately?

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Check Out ‘CES Unveiled’ 2013

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 08:16 PM PST

The CES drink louge

Click here to view this gallery.

LAS VEGAS -- International CES doesn't officially start until Tuesday, but the action is already heating up at "CES Unveiled." Companies including Lenovo and Parrot were on-site to show off their gear to eager reporters and industry movers and shakers.

Our on-the-ground team took photos of some of the most exciting tech at this pre-CES press event, so browse through the photos to see what we saw.

Press Day for CES is Monday with lots of announcements of new products, and the big CES keynotes, conferences and exhibits kick off on Jan. 8, so stay tuned to Mashable to see the news as it unfolds.

SEE ALSO: How to Follow CES 2013 Online

What part of CES Unveiled would you most like to…
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Meet HAPIfork, the Smart Fork That Helps You Lose Weight

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 07:42 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- What if your fork could tell you when you were eating too fast? That's the idea behind HAPIfork, a fork designed to help you lose weight by making you eat slower.

HAPIfork works by monitoring the exact time you start and end your meal, the amount of servings you take per minute, and how long you take to eat each serving.

The fork measures the intervals between bringing the fork from your plate to your mouth and back again, and then sends a gentle vibration your way when you're eating too fast.

The vibration feels a lot of like what you get when you have your phone on silent.

When you're done eating, data is transmitted from the fork to your HAPIfork account, either…
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London Champions Digital for Men’s Fashion Week

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 07:30 PM PST

British fashion designers will begin revealing their autumn/winter 2013 men's collections in London on Monday.

Although the three-day series of events promise to be more modest in scope than the unveiling of the women's collections at London Fashion Week in February, the British Fashion Council and several independent houses are endeavoring to escalate consumer attention to the collections via a series of digital initiatives spanning the web, social media and out-of-home display.

Eleven designers will be live-streaming their shows, up from nine the year previous. Livestreams (the schedule for which can be found here) will work on personal computers, as well as tablets and smartphones.…
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Sphero iPad-Controlled Ball Is Now a Zombie Killer

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 07:18 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Sphero isn't your typical ball. Besides rolling at your iPad's command, the cool-yet-creepy device is enhanced with augmented-reality games.

Sphero launched at CES last year, and since then it's grown: Where there were once a few games there are now 21. The ball costs $129.99, but almost all of the games are free.

sphero screen

In a brief hands-on at CES 2013, we got a chance to check out the Sphero's new augmented-reality abilities. We were impressed that the zombie game quickly adapted to the floor of a busy showroom in a fairly realistic manner (when an unsuspecting attendee breezed through the frame, one of the zombie avatars disappeared behind him).

Check out the video above…
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Lenovo Yoga 11S: Full Windows 8, Fully Bendable

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:48 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- The original Lenovo Yoga earned high praise for its special hinge that lets the laptop convert into a tablet just by folding the screen over 360 degrees. It came in two sizes, but the smaller model wasn't a full Windows 8 PC since it ran Windows RT. With the Yoga 11S, Lenovo aims to correct that oversight.

The Yoga 11S has an 11.6-inch screen and packs one of Intel's new low-power Core i5 processors, letting it run older apps made to work with previous versions of Windows. It's thin -- just 0.7 inches -- and it of course has the same hinge design as the whole Yoga line, letting you use it as a laptop, tablet, a stand or even a "tent."

Thanks to its enhanced insides, the Yo…
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How to Tell Your Story in Job Interviews

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:43 PM PST

How do you answer the inevitable "Tell me about yourself" question in job interviews?

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HomeMonitor Security Camera Gives You Peace of Mind

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:34 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- New parents have long understood the benefits of a baby monitor – the ability to peek in on your precious newborn and make sure everything is alright. As technology evolved, it got easier to do this from afar. Wi-Fi and apps paved the way for mobile check-ins from the office or on a business trip.

Now the cameras and technology have gotten to the point where safeguarding your precious home is just as easy and as affordable. Y-cam, maker of the BabyPing baby monitor, introduced a new line of security cameras at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas intended for the home.

The company says its Y-cam HomeMonitor is the first outdoor cloud-based camera for the home. That me…
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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Is a Powerful Windows 8 Tablet

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:20 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Windows 8 hybrids that convert between laptops and tablets are often an exercise in compromise: Trade some processing power for battery life, or screen size for features. With the ThinkPad Helix, Lenovo aims to make business users compromise as little as possible, creating a compact, full-featured PC that ditches its keyboard when you need to get your tablet on.

The Helix has an 11.6-inch full HD screen (1,920 x 1,080), and it packs an Intel Core processor (i3, i5 or i7) instead of a mobile chip. You can configure it with up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of solid-state storage.

Despite running a Core processor, the Helix is still rated for 10 hours of battery life even though t…
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Viral Video Recap: Funniest Memes of the Week

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:13 PM PST

This week's viral videos range from cute cats to a zany lady dancing in an airport.

If you're like us, you've probably watched so many cute and funny cat videos on YouTube, that you can't even remember them all. When it seems like we've seen every adorable thing a cat could possibly do, another kitty video gains traction on the video-sharing site. This week's cute-cat video shows a feline going nuts over a catnip-laced toy while rolling around inside of a box.

Another viral video shows clips of big news and pop-culture happenings throughout the year in just four minutes; they include: the Italian cruise ship crash, the controversy over SOPA, the KONY 2012 video, and the London Olympi
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High-Tech Flower Power Tool Keep You From Killing Plants

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 06:05 PM PST

Parrot -- the company behind the AR. Drone quadcopter -- has revealed a prototype of its Flower Power smart gardening gadget.

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Withings Scale Monitors Temperature and CO2 Levels in Your Home

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 05:46 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Meet the Smart Body Analyzer, Withings' newest Internet-connected scale that keeps track of your weight, heart rate, the temperature of the room you're in, and that room's air quality.

Designed specifically to be used in your bedroom, stepping on the scale barefoot provides you with your weight, body fat and heart rate reading. Data is sent from the scale to the Withings app on your smartphone, where it can be tracked for your own personal record, or to share later with a physician.

More than just a scale, Withings also added an air quality monitor to the Smart Body Analyzer. The scale monitors specifically CO2 in the room. Withings says that CO2 often builds up to exces…
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Reporters’ Fitness Is Put to the Test at CES 2013

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 05:18 PM PST

The biggest names in tech will soon assemble at CES 2013 in Las Vegas to give us a first look at thousands of new devices. The Mashable team will be on the ground to bring you first access to the most talked-about gadgets and technology trends.

It's a big event -- both figuratively and literally -- as you can see from the floor plan above. Our diligent reporters and photographers will be running from booth to booth with smartphones, tablets and laptops in hand. To get you coverage of a wide range of products and announcements, they'll be moving as fast as they can.

That's why this year we're presenting the Mashable staff with a challenge: Who can log the most activity at CES?

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AR. Drone Quadcopter to Get GPS, Better Battery

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 04:50 PM PST

The popular AR. Drone quadcopter will be getting some major improvements with the roll out of GPS tracking, longer battery life and better steering.

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5 Marketing Predictions for 2013

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 04:37 PM PST

There was certainly no shortage of big developments in the marketing world throughout 2012. Facebook created a massive mobile advertising business in less than year, Red Bull literally financed a trip into the stratosphere to create powerful branded content, and a YouTube video finally hit 1 billion views, showing the potential reach for online videos.

So what might 2013 bring for marketers? We contacted several advertising experts and reviewed recent studies and business trends to come up with five marketing predictions for the coming year.

Advertisers Pursue Mobile-First Strategy

Image courtesy of Flickr, BuzzFarmers

Mobile advertising exploded in 2012, with eMarketer proj…
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‘Downton Abbey’ Seasons 1 and 2 Explained in 5 Minutes

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 04:06 PM PST

If you're tuning into the U.S. premiere of Downton Abbey's season 3 on PBS on Jan. 6, watch this video for a quick recap of the drama's first two seasons.

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Trakdot Uses GPS to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Suitcase Again

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 04:00 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Whenever you fly and check a bag, you always have to wonder whether your bag will arrive when you do, especially if you have a new stops and layovers along the way.

Trakdot is designed to help you keep track of your suitcase when you travel. The pint-sized device is placed in your checked luggage, and then reports its location in real time to any mobile phone or SMS-capable device.

For instance, if you land in San Francisco and your luggage doesn't, you can easily pinpoint where you and your suitcase became separated during your travels, and hopefully retrieve your bag a little quicker.

In addition to sending your luggage's location to your phone, your bag's location ca…
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Personal Weather Station Monitors Conditions, Reports to Smartphone

Posted: 06 Jan 2013 03:59 PM PST

LAS VEGAS -- Netatmo's Urban Weather station debuted in August for iOS devices, and has now added support for Android devices as well.

An update announced at CES, Android users can now use their phone or tablets along with the Urban Weather Station to receive real-time notifications on the air quality and weather conditions specific to their home or office.

Monitoring is done through small indoor and outdoor modules that are possibly best described as the size of a toilet paper roll. The smaller of the two is mounted outside -- the unit comes with everything you need except the tools -- and the larger module is placed inside.

The outside unit monitors things like temperature and…
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