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Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Android is Beating Apple in Mobile War, Says Google’s Eric Schmidt”

Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Android is Beating Apple in Mobile War, Says Google’s Eric Schmidt”

Android is Beating Apple in Mobile War, Says Google’s Eric Schmidt

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 02:16 AM PST

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has declared Android the winner in its mobile war with Apple.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Schmidt said Google's mobile platform is widening its lead over Apple in the mobile-software market. He compared its success to the way Microsoft dominated the iPhone maker in the desktop business two decades ago.

"This is a huge platform change; this is of the scale of 20 years ago -- Microsoft versus Apple," he said. "We're winning that pretty clearly now."

Recent statistics support Schmidt's optimism, with Android capturing 72% of worldwide market share in the third quarter, while Apple took 14%, according to Gartner, which conducts information technology re…
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This Brain-Sensing Headband Lets You Control Things With Your Mind

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 01:45 AM PST

An Indiegogo campaign successfully raised funds for a headband that tracks and displays your brain activity.

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Eerily Lifelike Kenshiro Robot Mimics Human ‘Muscles and Bones’

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 12:41 AM PST

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a robot that imitates the body of a human boy.

At 5-foot-2 and 110 pounds, "Kenshiro" is designed to look like a 12-year-old male, and its body mirrors nearly all the major muscles in a human, according to IEEE Spectrum. Kenshiro boasts 160 pulley-like "muscles," including 50 in the legs, 76 in the trunk, 12 in the shoulder and 22 in the neck -- more than any other bot, the website said.

Its movements are uncannily similar to that of a human body, as researchers tried to mimic muscle torque and joint speeds. Watch the video, above, to see Kenshiro in action.

What do you think of Kenshiro's similarity to humans? Are we one step…
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Which Tablet Do You Want To Receive This Holiday Season? [POLL]

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 11:49 PM PST

Imagine this: you're opening a holiday present, and you just know there's a tablet inside. But, which tablet do you want to be beneath the gift wrapping? Vote in our poll and keep your fingers crossed!

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Watch Adam Sandler Parody ‘Hallelujah’ With ‘Sandy Screw Ya’ at Relief Concert

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 10:44 PM PST

Comedian Adam Sandler turned Leonard Cohen's beautiful classic, "Hallelujah," into a crude parody -- all for a good cause.

Sandler performed a version of the 1984 song, later made famous by singer Jeff Buckley's cover, at a relief concert benefitting victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"Hallelujah; Sandy, screw ya; we'll get through ya, 'cause we're New Yorkers," Sandler sings to a boisterous crowd. Check out all his modified lyrics in the video, above.

SEE ALSO: 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert Will Be Largest Event in Music History

Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, The Who and Paul McCartney were among the other…
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YouTube’s 20 Most-Viewed Ads of 2012

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 10:00 PM PST

1. My Time is Now (Nike)

The second-biggest sporting event of the year, next to the Olympics, was soccer's Euro 2012 -- which explains why this ad was the most-viewed. The commercial is filled with soccer stars such as Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ribery and Neymar, who are challenged by a group of unknown players who invade a stadium in the middle of a game between France and the Netherlands.

Click here to view this gallery.

2012 is coming to an end, so it's time to recap the 20 most-viewed ads on YouTube this year. It was a big year for sports and car commercials. In fact, almost all of these ads feature a sports star, a car or both -- and many were broadcast during the Super Bowl.

The most-viewed commercial was a Nike ad featuring some of the biggest soccer stars in the world going up against a huge crowd of unknown players. Volkswagen continued its successful series of Star Wars-themed ads, while Old Spice somehow placed four commercials in the top 20.

Think With Google, which provides information on consumer trends and industry research, compiled this list. Watch all 20 ads in the gallery above.

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Google Maps for iOS Returns, Available for Download Now

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 09:01 PM PST

Google Maps for iOS is back!

The app appeared in the App Store late Wednesday evening, providing joy and comfort to disgruntled Apple Maps users everywhere.

Rumors of the app's impending release appeared earlier this evening by way of AllThingsD.

Google Maps for iOS [iTunes link] looks and functions more similarly to its Android counterpart than it does to the version that used to be bundled with iOS.

The app also includes a few features formerly limited to the Android version of Google Maps, including guided turn-by-turn directions.

If you're having issues downloading the app, give it a few minutes. Within moments of its release, it appears as if Apple's servers were…
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8 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Facebook

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 07:57 PM PST

Take a look at some criminals that were busted -- some due to unfortunate timing, others just rookie mistakes -- through social media.

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The 5 Hot Advertising Trends of 2012

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 07:01 PM PST

Are you reading this on a mobile device? Perhaps not, but the odds are much better this year than at this point in 2011. That's because Marshall McLuhan was right: The medium has more of an influence than the content it conveys.

This year's list of top advertising trends is mostly about the shifting ways that consumers experience content and how publishers hope to harness those experiences. Some see it as a chance to reboot the digital advertising model. Others view it as a future in which publishers compete for lower and lower stakes as advertising migrates to (so far) cheaper mobile formats.

1. Native Advertising

The term "native advertising" was allegedly first introduced by vent…
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10 Videos to Help You Survive the Apocalypse

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 06:27 PM PST

1. John Hodgman's Apocalypse Survival 101

Never trust a corgi. Never. John Hodgman, author and frequent contributor to the Daily Show, gives his two cents about surviving doomsday, blood waves and all of the dogs.

Click here to view this gallery.

Dang. Looks like the world's ending next week. Don't sweat it, though -- these videos will help you cope.

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Google Maps App for iOS May Launch Tonight

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:53 PM PST

The days of Apple Maps are about to be over.

If a report saying a Google Maps app for iOS will become available Wednesday night is correct, all iPhone users who have complained about the buggy Apple Maps can go back to their preferred mobile maps app. A source familiar with the matter told AllThingsD the Google Maps app will again become available for iPhone users.

SEE ALSO: The World According to Apple Maps

In September, the previously pre-installed Google Maps app was removed from iOS with the launch of Apple Maps in iOS 6. Google refused to enable voice navigation for its maps app, because it invested heavily in its own Android software's turn-by-turn navigation.

Apple's map r…
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Largest Meditation Session Ever Streams Live on 12/12/12

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:44 PM PST

Whether you meditate daily or you've never tried it before, a cool event is taking place twice on 12/12/12 that you may want to try out.

The Master Shift is hosting two 30-minute meditations, at 9:30 p.m EST and Japan Standard Time on Wednesday to unite the world in positive feelings and spread good vibes across the world.

Guides will lead the meditation on the Master Shift's website.

SEE ALSO: 12/12/12 Is Here: How to Celebrate the Century's Last Repeating Date

Meditation requires disconnecting from your thoughts -- which may sound difficult -- but The Master Shift says practicing the craft can change your life.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Moyan_Brenn

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Manage All Your Expenses With One Updated App

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:29 PM PST

Pledging to be more organized in the New Year? An update to Manilla, an online service and app that helps you organize bills and subscriptions, added a custom accounts feature. This allows Manilla users to manage nearly any account through the site. Now customers can create accounts for small businesses or individuals, like dog walkers and babysitters, for instance.

The company also updated its iOS app, including a new design that allows access to the new custom account feature, and the ability to work on the iPhone 5.

You probably can't pay a babysitter or dog walker through Manilla, unless they have an online payment system, but you can set bill-pay reminders and keep track of…
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Startup Helps Young Talent Crowdfund Their Careers

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:17 PM PST

Several challenges face aspiring young professionals these days, such as student loan debt and rampant unemployment and underemployment. Pave, a New York startup launched Wednesday, has an idea it thinks will help these young adults achieve their potential.

Pave pairs young Americans with the resources they need to pursue the career of their dreams, relieving them from resorting to jobs that stray from their passions. These recipients, known as prospects, are matched with a group of backers who give them the funds they request to pursue their goals.

There's something besides altruism in it for the backers, too: Prospects are contractually bound to return an agreed upon portion -- say 5…
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5 Things an Apple TV Must Do

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 04:58 PM PST

Mashable OP-ED

Here we go again. A new rumor says Apple has begun testing its long-rumored television. Of course, there's a Cupertino-sized gap separating "testing" and "selling" any product, but few people would bet against Apple launching a television set sometime in the next couple of years.

About a year ago, I rounded up many factors that weigh against Apple releasing a TV. Apple's going to have to figure out a number of difficult things for such a product to be successful, only one of which is the actual product. Getting into the TV market presents challenges in suppliers (big LCD panels aren't the same as chips), retail (where do they go in Apple Stores?) and overall market oppor…
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Juggling Santa Is Cornier Than Your Christmas Sweater

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 04:27 PM PST

You know Wham!, and claymation specials, and "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" — but have you seen the corniest Christmas video of all?

If not, it's probably this video of Wisconsin school teachers Bob and Trish Evans, who also happen to ride unicycles and juggle, among other acrobatic things.

Watch Bob and Trish get down with Santa to polka music. Then someone find me a more ridiculous Christmas video in the comments below.

BONUS: 15 Cheesy Christmas Music Videos on YouTube

Image credit: Bob and Trish Evans

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Sports Venues Dominate Most Popular Facebook Check-ins

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 04:04 PM PST

Sports venues make up seven of Facebook's top check-in locations from 2012. But why?

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These Handmade ‘Doctor Who’ Owl Toys Are a Hoot

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:44 PM PST

1st Doctor

Price: $80.00 Image courtesy of Etsy, Kelsey Wailes

Click here to view this gallery.

Still not finished holiday shopping? Check out these homemade 'Doctor Who' toys and ornaments.

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Watch Tonight’s 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert Right Here

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:30 PM PST

Starting tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET, you can watch the star-studded Sandy relief concert on Mashable and use several social media platforms to donate or tell your story.

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Explicit Images on Google: Now Harder to Find

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:14 PM PST

Using Google to search for pornography? Your job just got a lot more difficult.

As an intrepid Reddit user discovered, searching for terms that should lead to adult content on Google's image search show content that is less X-rated than some might anticipate -- even with SafeSearch turned off.

When user Fake_Cakeday did an image search for a common sex act, he got back photos of lollipops, microphones and funny (but not explicit) images.

Google has a SafeSearch filter that does its best to make sure explicit images don't get into search or image results. However, the new results appear whether SafeSearch is turned on or off.

So what's the story, Google? CNET got this response fr…
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Jet-Engine Tech Makes Super-Thin and Quiet Ultrabooks a Reality

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:00 PM PST

Laptops are getting even more powerful. Even though their processors are steadily becoming more efficient and running cooler, most of them still need at least one noisy fan to keep a machine's innards from melting into a useless heap of parts. Now there's a tiny bellows-like innovation that solves that cooling problem, using miniaturized technology that was first employed in jet engines.

Leave it to General Electric, the company that makes everything from blenders to nuclear reactors, to come up with a silent solution to this noisy problem. Its new Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets will efficiently keep our gadgets' electronics from overheating without annoying us with whiny, whistling and…
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North Korea Satellite Is ‘Tumbling Out of Control’

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:58 PM PST

North Korea launched a missile that put an unknown object into Earth's orbit on Wednesday, triggering condemnation from the United States, the United Nations and others.

Those objections are against North Korea's use of a long-range rocket to launch the object, as North Korea is banned from testing missiles or nuclear weapons by United Nations sanctions. Nobody seems worried about the orbiting who-knows-what, and for good reason: it's uselessly tossing and turning around the planet, not doing much of anything at all.

The object is indeed orbiting Earth, but it's "tumbling out of control," according to U.S. officials' statement to NBC News.

Those same officials, however, admitted th…
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‘Angry Birds’ Celebrates Third Birdday

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:51 PM PST

Three years ago this week, something unforgettable entered our lives that is etched forever into the time devoted to dawdling -- join us in wishing Angry Birds a happy, happy third birdday.

To celebrate its third year, Rovio introduced 30 new levels with an updated release that added full support for the iPhone 5. There's also an addition to the cast, but we won't spoil that surprise.

SEE ALSO: 'Angry Birds' Movie Arrives in 2016 From Producer of 'Despicable Me'

The company released the much anticipated Angry Birds Star Wars in November to rave reviews, proving that the avian-based game and the company behind it have not yet lost any lift.

SAM YEH/AFP/GettyImages

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YotaPhone Has LCD Front, E-Ink Back, Coolness All Over

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:44 PM PST

How would you like to have a smartphone with two screens, one on the front and one on the back? That's the innovation behind the YotaPhone, an Android smartphone with a 4.3-inch LCD display on the front and an E-Ink screen on the back.

Having two screens on a smartphone could be a handy innovation. The back screen on this Russian YotaPhone will be a display similar to an Amazon Kindle, using black-and-white E-Ink technology that only uses battery power when the image on the screen is changed.

The E-Ink screen won't be useful for watching videos, but it will give users a convenient way to glance at weather data, stock quotes, tweets and Facebook entries without having to wake the phon…
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Google Currents Is Now More ‘Current’ With Breaking News

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:39 PM PST

Google has updated its Google Currents social news reading app to make it easier to find breaking news and browse content from multiple sources.

Similar to Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, Google Currents is an aggregator of various publications presented in a way more akin to reading a magazine rather than an RSS feed.

On its Android blog, Google outlined some of the biggest changes to Currents.

Structurally, Google Currents now organizes editions (Google's term for publications) into category groups. That means Mashable shows up in Science and Technology, whereas shows up in Entertainment.

Google has also made it easier to swipe through various editions. Vertical swipes s…
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Study: Calorie-Counting Apps Rev Up Weight Loss

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:30 PM PST

Tracking your daily progress on a fitness or food app — in addition to eating superfoods, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy sleep schedule — could take your weight loss to a whole new level.

The weight-loss study led by Bonnie Spring, Ph.D., a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, was recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study's investigators tracked 69 overweight and obese adults (according to body mass index) on their weight-loss journey for nearly a year. Patients enrolled in a standard physician-directed program were randomly split into two groups. The control group attended health education…
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Proof That Bill Clinton is Actually an Awesome Cowboy

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:30 PM PST

What's Bill Clinton been up to in post-presidential life? Well, aside from founding the Clinton Global Initiative, it looks like he's been working on a pretty great collection of cowboy boots.

Clinton gave the the keynote speech at Dell World, an annual technology conference, in Austin, Texas on Wednesday. The pics were snapped by Managing Editor of Dell Global Communications Stephanie Losee, who shared them with Mashable.

SEE ALSO: 10 Other Things People Want Bill Clinton to Explain

"If we want the world to work," said Clinton before flashing his boots, "we have to create more non-zero-sum games."

What do you think of Clinton's boots? Share in the comments.

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Tumblr Is Down

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:20 PM PST

Tumblr has had a rough afternoon. The site went down for a few minutes Wednesday afternoon, and while a few pages have appeared to return, most of the site is still down for the count.

Tumblr acknowledged the issue when it began with a tweet from its official Twitter account.

We're experiencing slow loading or intermittent errors on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance.— Tumblr (@tumblr) December 12, 2012

Tumblr suffered a several-hour outage on October 26th. The company attributed that outage to a problem with its uplink servers.

SEE ALSO: Tumblr Christmas Tree Decks the Tubes

One of the most frequently visited sites on the web, Tumblr recen…
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John McAfee Being Extradited to the U.S.

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:03 PM PST

John McAfee, the software pioneer who is wanted for questioning by Belize police in relation to the death of his neighbor, is being extradited to the United States.

McAfee boarded a plane headed for Miami, Fla. at approximately 4 p.m. ET Wednesday afternoon.

McAfee, an American, has been held for a week by authorities in Guatemala, where he turned up after fleeing Belize. Once he was in Guatemalan custody, Belize officials said they expected him to be handed over to that country. Instead, he's on his way to Florida.

"Complying with migration law, Mr. John McAfee is to be deported to his country of origin," a spokesman for Guatemala's immigration office told Reuters

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Facebook Named Top Place to Work in 2012

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 01:59 PM PST

Despite its stock value and controversy surrounding privacy policy, Facebook was voted the best place to work in 2012 across all industries.

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