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Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Specifications Leaked”

Mashable: Latest 29 News Updates - including “Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Specifications Leaked”

Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Specifications Leaked

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 05:06 AM PDT

The specifications of Motorola's upcoming Android smartphone, Droid RAZR M 4G LTE, have been revealed just a week ahead of its Sept. 5 event.

The device sports a 4.3-inch, 960 x 540 pixel, Super AMOLED Advanced display, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM, as well as an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 3-megapixel one on the front.

LTE, HSPA+ and NFC are also on board the phone, which will be powered by Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other notable details include its scratch-resistant cover glass made from Gorilla Glass 2, a Kevlar-reinforced back and a set of virtual navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

We'll likely find out more abo…
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8 Samsung Phones Apple Wants to Ban and Two Other Stories You Need to Know

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 04:32 AM PDT

Welcome to this morning's edition of "First To Know," a series in which we keep you in the know on what's happening in the digital world. Today, we're looking at three particularly interesting stories.

Apple Lists Eight Samsung Devices It Wants to Ban in the U.S.

Apple has identified eight Samsung products it wants to ban from sale in the United States.

The list is as follows: Galaxy S 4G, AT&T Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail.

Apple has published the list after a federal jury in San Jose, Calif. decided Samsung has "willfully" infringed on five of seven Apple patents, awarding…
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LG Debuts Powerful Optimus G Smartphone with LTE

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 04:22 AM PDT

LG has unveiled its Optimus G, a powerful Android smartphone with LTE connectivity.

The device has a 4.7-inch, 1280 x 768 pixel touchscreen, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, a 2,100 mAh battery, 2 GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear camera.

An interesting thing about the screen is that it's exceptionally thin (the entire device is only 8.45 mm thick), and has a very small bezel, which might mean it uses the same in-cell touch technology as the screens LG is reportedly making for Apple's upcoming iPhone.

The device, which will run on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich, is slated to arrive in Korea next month, with worldwide availability due later this year.

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How Samsung Is Making Windows 8 Less Scary

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 04:04 AM PDT

Samsung S Launcher for Windows 8

On all Windows 8 machines, Samsung will include the S Launcher, which replicates many of the abilities of the old Windows Start menu (a casualty of Windows 8). Users can expect the same one-click system searches and instant results.

Click here to view this gallery.

Windows 8 changes a lot of things about how the operating system works, but one of the features Windows traditionalists will find jarring is the lack of a Start button. Although the button's functions are still present in various places, users may miss its easy click-and-start-typing familiarity. Well, Samsung's bringing it back.

The all-in-one PCs Samsung unveiled this morning are the first Windows machines to sport the S Launcher, a simple widget that acts just like the old start button: Click, start typing (say "keyboard") and it instantly shows you the settings and apps that relate to your term. There's also a separate settings icon for quick access to the most commonly needed control…
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FAA to Reassess Use of Portable Electronics on Planes

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 02:48 AM PDT

With the growing use of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, the Federal Aviation Administration is reassessing its rules around the use of portable electronics during flights.

The FAA, a U.S. agency that governs aviation safety, announced Monday that it is forming a "government-industry group" to study current policies and procedures surrounding portable electronics, and whether they can be used safely during flights.

Before passengers can use them at certain times during a flight, aircraft operators must ensure that radio frequency interference from the devices don't cause safety risks, according to current FAA regulations.

"With so many different types of devices available…
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Homework Questions? Ask a Tutor on InstaEDU

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 02:07 AM PDT

The pool of tutors available to teach high school and college-aged students just became a whole lot more accessible.

Online tutoring site InstaEDU, which launched in public beta in May, announced new features to its site on Tuesday. Now students can schedule tutoring sessions in advance, including SAT prep courses.

Previously, InstaEDU was kind of like a reliable Google search for homework questions. Macroeconomics class giving you a tough time? InstaEDU would connect you to a tutor in real-time who is skilled in this subject. Tutors for one-shot sessions are available any time of day for 50 cents per minute ($30 an hour).

Now, InstaEDU lets students develop stronger and lon…
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10 Terrific Twitter T-Shirts

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 01:32 AM PDT

1. Verified

Because secretly we all want a blue check mark next to our name. Cost: $27.99

Click here to view this gallery.

Twitter holds a special place in the hearts of many people. If you're one of them, why not show your love of the short-form social network with a terrific Twitter t-shirt?

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Take a look through our virtual wardrobe of Twitter-themed tees in the gallery above. Link us in the comments below to any other social garments you've seen and liked.

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Samsung Rocks Gesture Control in Windows 8 All-in-One PCs

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 12:44 AM PDT

Samsung Series 7 All-in-One PC

The Samsung Series 7 has a 27-inch screen with full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution. It has 10-finger touch capability and can also be controlled via gestures. Available when Windows 8 debuts in late October, it'll cost $1,699.

Click here to view this gallery.

Samsung's mobile devices may be reeling from the company's landmark loss in the patent-infringement case brought by Apple, but that's not stopping it from charging full speed ahead in the PC space. The Korean electronics giant just unveiled a suite of new all-in-one desktop computers, tailored for Windows 8.

The big giveaway that these machines are made for Windows 8 is their touchscreens. Samsung unveiled three new all-in-ones -- with screens measuring 27, 23 and 21.5 inches -- and they all have capacitive touchscreens that support 10-finger touch, as required for Windows 8.

Samsung says it prioritized design in the new line, borrowing the same kind of modern-looking stands you may ha…
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Curiosity Rover to Broadcast Will.i.am Song Live on Mars [VIDEO]

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 12:13 AM PDT

Whether or not you're a fan of will.i.am's songs, his music will soon be out-of-this-world.

NASA's Curiosity rover is set to broadcast a new song by the Black Eyed Peas singer live from the surface of Mars on Tuesday, NASA announced. It will take place at 1 p.m. PT (4 p.m. ET) at the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

Called "Reach for the Stars," the song is about will.i.am's passion for science, technology and space exploration, NASA said. Check out the video above for more.

In addition, members of the team that successfully landed Curiosity earlier this month will describe the rover's mission at the event. They will also explain the technology behind the s…
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So You Want to Be an App Developer? Here’s How [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 11:14 PM PDT

Apps are in. There's no denying it. Seems everyone these days has a great idea for a mobile app: apps to find food, apps to find rides, apps to find more apps. The list goes on.

But just how do you become an app developer anyway? As with so many paths to success, there's no one rote way. But there are some common, helpful and progressive steps to turn your great kernel of an idea into reality, or land you a gig with that hot startup you've had your eye on.

A degree in computer science or software engineering is a very strong foundation. Alternatively, there are specialized courses you can take that are geared toward mobile app development specifically. Getting certified in different…
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Elect to Laugh With 10 Mitt Romney Tumblr Pages

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 10:36 PM PDT

1. Mitt Romney Wearing Jeans

Politicians always look a little awkward out of suits. Mitt Romney Wearing Jeans collects photos of the GOP candidate in denim instead of Dockers.

Click here to view this gallery.

Take a break from the serious tone of campaign commercials and convention speeches with a trip down the halls of Tumblr.

In honor of the Republican National Convention kick-off, we play tour guide on a journey through 10 Tumblr pages that poke a little good-humored fun at GOP candidate, Mitt Romney.

SEE ALSO: On Top of Spaghetti, Mitt Romney Is Covered With Cheese

From pop culture and politics mashups to cat Photoshops, Tumblr has you covered if you need a not-so-PC giggle with less than 75 days to the election.

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Samsung to Announce Android-Powered Galaxy S Camera This Week [REPORT]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 09:49 PM PDT

While Apple gets ready to ban Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone, rumor has it the company plans to launch a new member of the Galaxy line this week: a digital camera.

Samsung will be debuting its new Android-powered smart camera at IFA, an electronics trade show in Berlin, according to website GSM Arena

The camera is rumored to come with a 16-megapixel sensor, and run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It's also expected to sport a 4.8-inch screen, borrowing from another popular member of the Galaxy line of devices: the Galaxy S III.

The camera is also tapped to have an integrated cellular connection for uploading pictures to networks like Facebook and Instagram while you'r…
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For Romney’s Digital Director, Quality Over Quantity on Social Media

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 08:52 PM PDT

Barack Obama's digital team has gotten credit for being more active on social media than Mitt Romney's campaign. Obama has nearly 19 million Twitter followers while Romney hasn't breached one million. A recent Pew report suggested Obama had the digital advantage over opponent Mitt Romney because, in part, Obama posts and tweets four times the amount of content found on Romney's online profiles.

However, Zac Moffatt, digital director at Mitt Romney for President, says those numbers are largely meaningless.

During a panel on social media and the 2012 election held in Tampa, Florida during the Republican National Convention, Moffatt split social metrics into two categories: "vanity"…
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Startup Makes Doctors Accessible By Phone, Email

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 08:02 PM PDT

Name: Sherpaa

Quick Pitch: The startup offers members 24/7 access to Sherpaa's network of doctors by phone or email, for no additional cost.

Genius Idea: Sherpaa helps startups procure optimal health insurance plans.

Meet the health company that tech startups are choosing to cover their employees: Sherpaa.

Its clients include Tumblr, Skillshare and Greatist.

Sherpaa specializes in matching startups with the best-fitting health insurance plans. High-quality care shouldn't equate to exorbitant costs.

"It's really confusing to secure healthcare," co-founder Cheryl Swirnow, a HR guru with 10 years of experience, tells Mashable. "What we are seeing really often is e…
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‘Wall Street Journal’ Launches Hub for Mobile Video From Journalists

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 07:31 PM PDT

As mobile technology and social sharing have reshaped the media industry in recent years, many legacy newsrooms have struggled to figure out just how to most effectively incorporate smartphone reporting into their content. Now, the The Wall Street Journal thinks it has found an innovative new approach.

It's called WSJ WorldStream, and it's a hub for mobile video shot via smartphone by the Journal's award-winning team of more than 2,000 journalists around the world. The platform launched Monday in conjunction with the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Every video posted to the page undergoes editorial review. Nothing that appears will be over a minute in length, reinforcin…
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Two FOX Comedies Debut Online Before Their TV Premieres [VIDEOS]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 07:01 PM PDT

The pilot episodes for The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate, two new FOX comedies premiering on TV in September, are already available to watch on Hulu, Facebook and other websites.

Both shows debut on TV Sept. 25 and will be available to watch online until Sept. 9 at 5 p.m. ET. FOX first tried this digital-first strategy in 2011 with New Girl, attracting buzz for the show ahead of its televised premiere.

The Mindy Project Pilot

The Mindy Project stars Mindy Kaling, who will play ob-gyn doctor Mindy Lahiri. The character is "unlucky in love and desperately needs to get her personal life back on track before her friends and colleagues are forced to stage an intervention," FOX says…
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Google’s Swanky Digs at the Republican Convention [PICS]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 06:28 PM PDT

Darrell Issa

House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) records a Google+ message for U.S. military veterans.

Click here to view this gallery.

Google has a strong presence at the Republican National Convention -- not only are Google+ and YouTube the official social media platform of the convention, but the company has set up some very swanky digs at the Tampa Bay Convention Forum, where the thousands of journalists covering the conventions are working for the next several weeks.

Google's space at the RNC has free Wi-Fi and coffee, massage chairs, a full Google+ powered livestreaming studio and Google colors abound. And it's not just for reporters -- several prominent Republicans, including Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have stopped by as well.

SEE ALSO: YouTube the Focal Point in
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Meet Facebook’s Oldest User

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 05:58 PM PDT

There are 955 million active users on Facebook -- and not all of them are in their teens or 20s. The fastest-growing demographic on the service, for at least the last two years, has been women over 55.

And with that in mind, we invite you to meet the delightful Florence Detlor, 101 years young. According to Facebook, she has the distinction of being the service's oldest user. She's also the oldest person to visit Facebook HQ, where she met with COO Sheryl Sandberg, along with a guy young enough to be her great-grandchild: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder.

Sandberg posted the above picture on her Timeline early Monday, along with the caption: "Honored to meet Florence Detlor, who at…
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Star Trek Can Relate to Samsung’s Feelings About Apple [VIDEO]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 05:41 PM PDT

The USS Enterprise crew might want to invite the Samsung execs out for a beer because they're both in the same boat. The same boat floating in a sea of lawsuits without an oar because Apple owns a patent on rowing technology, that is.

A YouTube video posted last year depicting the Star Trek frustration over patents has relevance once again with news of the Apple, Samsung verdict.

SEE ALSO: Could We Build Star Trek's Starship Enterprise?

Doesn't Lieutenant Commander Data seem more like a Linux type though?

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A Cryptic Tweet Opens the Door to Yao Ming’s Africa [PICS]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 05:25 PM PDT

Yao Ming Plays With a Cute Baby Elephant

Photo by Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

Click here to view this gallery.

"I came face to face with a large black rhino," reads the message broadcast to the world via retired NBA star Yao Ming's Twitter account Monday afternoon. A rugged, succinct missive more befitting Ernest Hemingway or Bear Grylls than a 7-foot-6 Chinese basketball legend.

But a link in the tweet indeed leads to a close-up shot of a black rhino's face. It's part of a post written from Africa for yaomingblog.com. Closer inspection reveals the rhino close-up is just one of many epic shots from Yao's apparent trip to the continent this month.

But what is the global icon and future Hall of Famer doing in Africa? And what is the meaning behind his cryptic tweet?

A (minimal) amount of di…
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Apple vs. Samsung Head Juror: ‘Evidence Was Overwhelming’

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 05:05 PM PDT

The foreman of the Apple vs. Samsung jury explained in an interview Monday how it came to such a quick decision -- despite encountering a stalemate between some jurors early in the process.

Velvin Hogan, an electrical engineer who headed up the jury, told BloombergTV how the jury came to find Samsung guilty in the case and award Apple more than $1 billion.

"I thought it was ultimately going to lean the other way, " he said. As the jury went through each point, however, Hogan said it became more and more apparent that Samsung was guilty.

"The evidence was overwhelming," Hogan said. "Samsung should have known or did know they were infringing."

Hogan says one 20-year-old j…
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These Apple Products Have Samsung Parts

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 04:38 PM PDT

New iPad

The new iPad is one of many current-model Apple devices that feature Samsung parts. According to iFixIt.com -- which displays pictures of the interior of Apple products -- the latest iPad features touts numbers on the back of its 9.7 inch LCD that "lead us to believe this is a Samsung LCD."

Click here to view this gallery.

Although Apple won big last week in its patent infringement trial against Samsung, it's unlikely they will cut its supplier partnership with its rival anytime soon, new reports suggest.

Because various Apple products currently tout Samsung-developed parts, from memory chips to flat screen displays, some question what could happen with the supply contract deal among the two competitors. But yanking the deal could put Samsung at risk to lose billions of dollars for no longer contributing parts to build some of the most popular Apple products on the market, and Apple would be at risk for not keeping up with demand.

SEE ALSO: Apple vs. Samsung Continued: Why This War is Far From Over

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Twitter Site Stops Showing What Service You’re Using

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 04:21 PM PDT

Bad news for Hootsuite, Tweetbot, Ecofon and a host of other third-party Twitter clients: your services are about to get a lot less free advertising.

The social media giant, already accused of making life harder for such services, has quietly made another change: when browsing Twitter.com, you will no longer be able to see how each tweet was posted.

The change already happened in Twitter's mobile app, but removing it from the website is a different matter. Previously, Twitter appeared to be following a policy of providing as much information about each tweet on its website as possible, even if you had to click on "Details" in order to find it.

SEE ALSO: Twitter's API Update Cut
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20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 04:01 PM PDT

After Shark Week and the Olympics, television finally had a chance to catch its breath. Social engagement numbers weren't as high as weeks past, but viewers nonetheless gravitated toward some of the old favorites.

SpongeBob, Family Guy and The Simpsons took a commanding animated lead, with combined social media mentions over 1.3 million. And we're happy to see that Breaking Bad made it on the cable chart, considering the season finale is quickly approaching.

Finally, the web clip series Ridiculousness returned to MTV last Monday after a brief hiatus. The show follows a similar style to Tosh.0 and Web Soup, sharing short videos that are, well, ridiculous. Basically, don't try any of th…
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Samsung: We Will Counter-Sue Apple

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 03:38 PM PDT

A federal jury ruled on Friday that Samsung has to pay more than $1 billion in damages for infringing on five Apple patents. In an "internal memo" released today, Samsung says it will counter-sue in order to protect the company.

As the two companies fight patent battles around the globe, Samsung is putting hope in the fact that the ruling has been different in similar cases abroad. According to the memo:

"The NDCA [Northern District of California] verdict starkly contrasts decisions made by courts in a number of other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Korea, which have previously ruled that we did not copy Apple's designs. These courts also r…
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Apple vs. Samsung Continued: Why This War is Far From Over

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 03:30 PM PDT

Technology may move at the speed of electrons, but the law tends to slouch stubbornly along like -- well, like an ass.

For all the hubbub about the billion-dollar jury decision in the Apple-Samsung lawsuit (and despite Apple moving forward with a bid to ban eight specific mobile gadgets), we're not even close to a final resolution of round one in this case -- let alone an appeal.

That's great news for the lawyers (Apple's team at Morrison Foerster, whose email addresses all read "mofo.com", is billing at a median rate of $581 an hour, according to court documents). It's not so great for consumers who want to figure out which phone to buy, or any company that feels the chill of po…
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Music Monday: Weather Songs

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 03:13 PM PDT

One thing we all share no matter where we live is weather. It affects our lives like nothing else in our environment. It's not surprising then that weather can be as common a muse as any, whether it's the physical activity in our atmosphere we're talking about or the imagery and symbolism it provides.

Common themes - rain, sunshine, and clouds - are often used to evoke the moods we express through music. "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, for example, expresses sadness at being alone through the weather. "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," the classic song from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, illustrates the way the weather can help us all relate to something - in this case, the f…
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Tropical Storm Isaac as Seen From NASA Satellite

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 02:20 PM PDT

Tropical Storm Isaac will hit the Gulf Coast on Wednesday this week, and forecasters say it's gaining enough speed to reach hurricane status by that time. Eerily enough, Isaac is set to make landfall in New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

NASA just released an animation of satellite observations from Aug. 25-27, which shows Tropical Storm Isaac moving past Cuba and the Florida Keys and into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Created by the NASA GOES Project at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the visualization shows how quickly the storm evolved over the weekend.

SEE ALSO: Could a Hurricane Take Down the Internet?

When Isaac reaches maximum sustained winds of 74 mph,…
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Is Life Better at 48 Frames Per Second? [VIDEO]

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 02:00 PM PDT

Movie making seems to have advanced faster than light-speed in past decades, with the advent of 3D cinema and seamless stop-motion films, but it turns out frame rates have been stuck at a steady pace since classic Hollywood days.

That left Red Digital Cinema wondering if it's time for a frame-rate upgrade or if high frame rate playback would sacrifice the true quality and authenticity of movies.

When silent films graced the screens, filmmakers used just 15 to 20 frames per second (FPS). Frame rates later increased to 24 FPS to accommodate the introduction of sound. Frame rates increased to use the least amount of film and keep production costs…
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This Amazing Photo Is Not Of Tropical Storm Isaac

Posted: 27 Aug 2012 01:25 PM PDT

Have you seen this incredible storm photo circulating on Facebook and Twitter today?

It's a fake. Well, more like an impostor.

According to central Florida TV station Bay News 9, the photo has existed since at least 2005, and tends to made the rounds on the Internet each time a severe weather situation comes along.

"It is a Photoshopped picture of a supercell thunderstorm that seems to pop up with a new foreground every time there is a hurricane threat anywhere," said Bay News 9 Meteorologist Josh Linker.

BONUS: 10 Incredible Instagram Shots of the Derecho Storm Over New York

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