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Mashable: Latest 15 News Updates - including “55 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed”

Mashable: Latest 15 News Updates - including “55 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed”

55 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 03:43 PM PDT

Touchscreen Icons

Maybe you were too busy hunting down celebrities on the new video chat service, Airtime. Better yet, maybe you were using it to land a job. For whatever reason, you missed out on some of Mashable's features coverage this week, and that simply won't do.

Thankfully, we've rounded up the top resources in social media, business and tech to catch you back up to speed. We've continued our series of beginners' guides with cheat sheets on Twitter and Reddit. And in a week of password-hacking mania, we've got tips for ensuring that your LinkedIn and eHarmony profiles stay safe and secure.

Be sure to check out our Google search tips and keyboard shortcuts, the latest episodes of our web ser… Continue reading...

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Now You Can Build Your Own Animatronic 3D-Printed Hand

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 03:35 PM PDT

Robot hand creator "hairygael" challenges viewers to "print and build your own" in a YouTube video showing how to make a 3D printed hand. While this isn't quite a DIY type project for most people, it's pretty neat to see the inventor go into so much detail about how this hand was created.

The video of the robot hand demonstrates how it functions, as well as how it was built. The powerful hand can grasp a ball, screwdriver or drill, and the fingers are controlled by a keyboard or joystick.

The hand creator operates the blog InMoov (also the name of the hand) and notes that you can build this robotic hand with a 3D printer and some building skills.

It's actually more than just… Continue reading...

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5 Things to Consider Before Applying for a Job

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 03:21 PM PDT

Your skills and experience certainly lend themselves to certain types of jobs, but they aren't the only things you should consider when applying for a new position. Your satisfaction in a new job goes beyond simply being able to utilize your skills each day -- you also need to consider who you'll be working with, what the company is like and if you'll be happy in the job, should you land it.

So what else is important, you ask? Here are a few other aspects of a new job you need to consider before applying:

1. Type of Management: Everyone thrives in a different type of work environment, and much of that environment is about how you're managed on a day-to-day basis. Do… Continue reading...

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6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 03:15 PM PDT

It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released each week. But you're in luck: We take care of a lot of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of some of our own highlights from the week.

This week we found an app that lets you instantly get the opinion of a group of people on everything -- from what shirt you should wear out tonight to what you should have for dinner, and another that will help get expert advice on any problems you might have, such as a broken computer or clogged toilet.

A new app for good Samaritans rewards you for volunteering in your community, and an update to a popular app helps everyone find deals and friends located around them.

If you… Continue reading...

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How the UFC Ran the Most Successful Spotify Campaign in History

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 02:29 PM PDT

Long since a knockout on social media, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) landed another social haymaker recently by running the most successful branded Spotify campaign to date.

In fact, no other contest even comes close to matching the UFC's results -- according to Spotify representatives this week, the UFC promotion attracted about four time as many votes as any previous campaign on the platform. (Both UFC and Spotify declined to specify how many votes that totaled.)

So what was the contest? The UFC has a reality show and mixed martial arts competition called The Ultimate Fighter, in which a field of combatants compete for a pro contract with the league. For the season final… Continue reading...

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What To Expect With iOS 6 [POLL]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 02:23 PM PDT

On Friday, banners went up at San Francisco's Moscone Center seeming to confirm that we'll see an announcement of the next generation of iOS Apples's WWDC keynote on Monday.

The signs tout iOS 6 as the "the most advanced mobile operating system," and we're likely to see at least a few major improvements to the OS. Apple is always completely tight-lipped about new products and enhancements to its hardware and software, so its anyone's guess what the company will be announcing.

Rumors point to Apple releasing its own 3D Maps, adding deeper Facebook integration into the OS, and bringing Siri to the iPad.

Other features thought to be coming to iOS 6 include a "Do Not Disturb" f… Continue reading...

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10 Inspiring Non-Profits on Instagram

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 02:12 PM PDT

1. @charitywater

charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, and 100% of donations go to funding water projects.

The @charitywater Instagram account shows stunning photos of the organization's efforts to improve the lives of others through clean water.

Click here to view this gallery.

Instagram has gained a big increase in popularity and exposure over the past few months, with the development of the Android app and, of course, Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of the company.

You're likely finding more of your friends and colleagues using Instagram, but you might not have explored another corner of the photo sharing app: non-profits looking to expand their social reach.

SEE ALSO: 10 Instagram Foodie Accounts to Make Your Mouth Water

We found 10 non-profits that post particularly beautiful and inspiring images. Which non-profits do you follow on Instagram that aren't featured above? Share their account handles in the comments.

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Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 01:57 PM PDT

As our gaze turned to the heavens early this week to see a rare transit of Venus in front of the sun, it reminded us we're on a fragile and delicate planet. At the same time, we found technological wonders that assured us that until we can fully harness the power of that fiery star, we can conserve the fuel we have right here on Earth.

Meanwhile, most eyes were looking forward to next week, where the WWDC will feature the latest innovations from Apple, with an attendant rumor mill running overtime to try to guess what will actually roll out. Interspersed within those tantalizing tidbits was a promising new camera with even more advanced features, a designer's imaginings of Faceboo… Continue reading...

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5 Kickstarter Champs Share the Secrets of Their Success

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 01:02 PM PDT

Watching your product come to life through public support after pouring blood, sweat and tears into it is every entrepreneur's biggest dream. Kickstarter has become famous for making that a reality, serving as the birthplace of many now-thriving small businesses.

But just because Kickstarter has made it easier for you to raise awareness about a product doesn't mean that your campaign will be successfully funded. In fact, just assuming your product will be a hit with consumers and not taking intiatives before, during and after the project launch is a sure-fire way to fail.

We spoke with some online entrepreneurs who found success on Kickstarter about what small businesses need to k… Continue reading...

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Intel Set-Top Box Uses Face Recognition to Target Ads to You [VIDEO]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 12:26 PM PDT

Intel has developed a new set-top box that will monitor who is watching TV at that moment, enabling advertisers to target the most appropriate ads to them. The box does this by using facial recognition technology.

The box won't identify the specific person watching TV, but will be able to tell if that person is male or female, adult or child. So, why would the average consumer want this? Well, Reuters reports Intel imagines it could lower costs for particular networks and shows, and lower the overall cost of advertising, making it more efficient. But media companies are reluctant to integrate the service. Those media content providers are hesitant… Continue reading...

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Engineer Creates Coolest Business Card Ever [VIDEO]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 11:31 AM PDT

Here's an enterprising young electrical engineer who wanted to directly impress all those who received one of his business cards. What did he do? Well, he did some electrical engineering on the business card itself.

Cody Shaw, a first-year University of Waterloo engineering student who wanted to get himself a job in printed circuit board design and manufacture, decided to use a tiny circuit board as a business card. Rigging up LEDs with what's known as a 555 timer, the card's LEDs flashing patterns change when you interact with the timer using different light sources.

But wait a second, isn't all this expensive? We asked Cody about that, and he… Continue reading...

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PlayStation’s Wonderbook Makes Rowling’s ‘Book of Spells’ Magical [HANDS-ON]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 10:50 AM PDT

At E3 this week I had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with PlayStation's new interactive book product Wonderbook and its first title Book of Spells. The entire experience can be summed up in just one word: magical.

Sony announced Wonderbook at its E3 press conference on Monday. The interactive book looks for all intents and purposes like a traditional hardcover book, however, inside the pages are shapes rather than words. Used along with the PlayStation Move, the pages of the book can be read on the screen and come to life.

While Sony has plans to release a number of titles for the book, at E3 it was showing off only its first title, a book with original content written… Continue reading...

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Kinsight System Means You’ll Never Lose Anything Again [VIDEO]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 10:35 AM PDT

Are you constantly misplacing things? A couple of inventors might have a solution to your age-old problem with Kinsight, a system that helps you retrace your steps when you've lost something by tracking you and how you interact with your stuff.

Their secret? They've done it by placing several Microsoft Kinect sensors throughout the living space, analyzing movements with unique software, and cataloging each time something is changed in the environment. The software is even smart enough to know where certain objects are most likely to be found.

According to the BBC, the goal of the experiment is to allow absent-minded users to use the software lik… Continue reading...

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How Amazon Saves a Ton of Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 09:44 AM PDT

With $48.1 billion in net sales last year, Amazon is certainly the leading Internet retailer. But how does the company fare in other areas, such as employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility?

Not so well, according to an infographic from MBAOnline, a website that curates business information from the top minds in the blogosphere.

In fact, Amazon seems to put saving money ahead of many other priorities. For example, on a 102-degree day in June 2011, 15 workers in an Amazon warehouse collapsed from the lack of air conditioning, six of whom needed to be rushed to the emergency room. And despite a $5 billion cash reserve, Amazon donates nothing to charities -- if an employe… Continue reading...

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Facebook App Center: What Does It Actually Do?

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 08:56 AM PDT

Facebook announced its App Center Thursday night -- but it wasn't immediately clear how users would benefit, or whether it simply added another layer between you and apps you download to your smartphone.

More than 600 apps are featured in the App Center. These apps are not new, and are already able to sync with your Facebook account, should you let them.

What has changed: now you can go to, and choose apps you want to download on your Android or iOS device. Those apps then show up as notifications in your Facebook mobile app. Click the notification and it will take you to the regular app store on your phone so you can download the app in question. But you still… Continue reading...

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10 Rugged Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Types

Posted: 09 Jun 2012 08:06 AM PDT

1. Kikkerland Dynamo Solar and Crank Emergency Radio

Whether it's for use on safari, during camping trips or just in the backyard, the classic design and useful functionality of this green radio would please any outdoor dad. Cost: $21.25

Click here to view this gallery.

It's that time of year again, when we get to formally thank our dads for all the things they do for us, whether that's acting as a taxi service, a bank manager, an odd-job helper or just a personal advisor.

To help you find the perfect present for your pop, we've rounded up 10 great gifts for outdoor types. So, if your father is more at home in a field than on Fifth Avenue, we might have just what he's looking for. Best of all, considering today's tough financial environment, most of these gifts won't break the bank.

SEE ALSO: 14 USB Hubs to Liven Up Your Desk

Take a look through the gallery above for some gift inspiration. Let us know in the comments below about any other items you… Continue reading...

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